BattleDice are our line of custom, precision dice. We have customized them for use with the Advanced Squad Leader system. However, many of our BattleDice may be used with other systems. Watch for non-ASL dice this autumn. You can find out more about some designs in the posts below.

Beer, pretzels and random elements (BattleDice origin)

What precisely are precision dice?

Double bayonets (Tommy dice)

Happy anniversary! (ASL Anniversary BattleDice)

Got rate? (Heretical Rate of Fire die)

Sniper! (Sniper! Effects die)

Crossed Purposes? (ASLOK Anniversary BattleDice)

East meets West (Nationality Series)

BudaPack (HASL Series)

Panzerknackern (ATMM/PF die)

Wound-Severity and Sniper-Effects die

Europa Series

Pacific Series

Arnhem (HASL Series)

ASL at 30

Stalingrad (HASL Series)

Starshell die

Dust Devils (FRD/FRU dice)

D-Day (HASL Series)

Baddies (Waffen-SS)

Care and cleaning
CAUTION: Do not use solvents such as wood alcohol to clean your BattleDice. A bit of mild dish detergent and cool water is all that you should ever need. We recommend cleaning dice after periods of prolonged use. Cleaning will remove salts, acids, and oils that may corrode the foil, especially the metallic foils such as silver and gold. Do not "scrub" the dice.

If you are prone to holding dice in your palm throughout a game, we strongly recommend that you clean your dice after each game. This is particularly important if you suffer from "sweaty palms" during play. We have yet to experience any wearing of our personal dice. However, we only handle them when rolling, and generally leave them on the table when not in use. We also tend to clean them after a tournament, or long day of gaming. Cleaning your dice gently will not only prevent premature wear of the foil design, but it will also restore the jewel-like appearance of the cubes.
How to order
You can purchase BattleDice directly through our KitShop by emailing:
You may also order online through our Backgammon Dice page, or one of our BattleDice pages: 12.5mm; 14mm; or 16mm.
We accept PayPal, money orders in USD or CAD, and personal cheques drawn on Canadian and US banks.