BattleDice are our line of custom, precision dice. We have customized them for use with the Advanced Squad Leader system. Most of our dice are compatible with Squad Leader.

12.5mm "Nationality" Series
We launched our new 12.5mm (½″) dice series with an East meets West 5-Pack. The dice have simple, yet eye-catching graphics. Perfect for a travel kit, dice cups, and small dice towers. There are two main components of this series: a white nationality die, and a black Rate of Fire die. The black Baby Rate of Fire die is designed to be used in lieu of a coloured die. It has pips on all faces and originally came in two variants (lavender and light-green foil) so that each player had a unqiue ROF die during play. However, there is nothing stopping you from pairing any other coloured die with the white die, which is why we also offer "colour packs" in this series. A Baby Sniper! die complements the Baby (ROF) Tears.
  • East meets West Pack includes dice representing five major powers of World War II: Nationalist China, Japan, USA, Germany, and the USSR. 
  • Axis and Allies Pack includes dice for Finland, France, Italy, Free French, and Swedish Volunteers.
  • Commonwealth Pack includes dice for Britain, Australia, New Zealand, the Gurkhas, and Canada.
  • First to Fight Pack includes dice for five Allied Minors: Poland, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Belgium.
  • Axes to Grind Pack includes dice for five Axis Minors: Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, and Slovakia.
  • Balkan Blues Pack includes dice for the Allied Minors of the Balkans: Greece and Yugoslavia.
  • Partizan Pack includes dice for Tito's Partizan Army, and the Polish Armia Krajowa (AK or Underground Army).
  • Chinese 8-1 is a die with the date in Chinese characters marking the founding of the People's Liberation Army (communist Chinese) in 1927.
  • Crown Jewels Pack includes dice for the British Indian Army (Star of India taken from flag of the Raj), and South Africa (springbok)
  • Los (Inter) Nacionales Pack includes two dice for the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939): the International Brigades (three-pointed star of the Popular Front), and the Nationals, or Nacionales (Cruz de San Andrés)

Most 12.5mm BattleDice available as singles ($20 each) April 2024

Black die also available with lavender foil. (H-ROF is sold out) Sniper die out of stock 

Only East meets West and Crown Jewels in stock April 2024

Only Finnish and Italian (ECI) in stock April 2024
Please email: battleschool at rogers dot com for a quote.

We accept PayPal in USD or CAD, and Canadian e-transfers. 

Care and cleaning CAUTION: Do not use solvents such as wood alcohol to clean your BattleDice. A bit of mild dish detergent and warm water is all that you should ever need. We recommend cleaning dice after periods of prolonged use. Cleaning will remove salts, acids, and oils that may corrode the foil, especially the metallic foils such as silver and gold. Do not "scrub" the dice. If you are prone to holding dice in your palm throughout a game, we strongly recommend that you clean your dice after each game. This is particularly important if you suffer from "sweaty palms" during play. We have yet to experience any wearing of our personal dice. However, we only handle them when rolling, and generally leave them on the table when not in use. We also tend to clean them after a tournament, or long day of gaming. Cleaning your dice gently will not only prevent premature wear of the foil design, but it will also restore the jewel-like appearance of the cubes.
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Unknown said...

The (Inter)Nacionales pack!!! Great!!! I want one!!! :-)

Chris Doary said...

Hola amigo!

Hay un paquete con su nombre en él. :)

Srynerson said...

Do you have any estimate of when the nationality 38 pack will be back in stock?

Chris Doary said...

@ Stephen,

Excellent question. Probably 8-10 weeks at this point.

In addition to the 38-Pack, the the Starter 15-Packs will also be available again at the same time.

We had a run on French dice. So we cannot make up a 38-pack at the moment.

Chris Doary said...

The 38-Pack, and the Starter Pack are back in stock.

Greek, Yugoslav, Indian, and South African BattleDice will be in stock next weekend (4 June).

Chris Doary said...

All 12.5mm dice are back in stock.

Also available is the new Baby Heretical ROF die.