75th Anniversary of D-Day (2019)

Examples of where our D-Day BattleDice are a good fit.

Please email to order. ONE 10-Pack available! Otherwise US First Army die out of stock

Save when you buy a 10-Pack for $99 plus shipping!

$15 Panzerknackern die also available in black.

How to buy
Please email: battleschool at rogers dot com for a quote with and without tracking.
We accept PayPal, money orders in USD or CAD, and personal cheques drawn on Canadian and US banks.


Chris Doary said...

All D-Day BattleDice now in stock!

Revamped Panzerknackern die also available.

Shipping to preorders on 15 April.

Classifica Permanente ASL Italia said...

Some of yours photos are needed ...