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BattleSchool Scenarios

Below are links to articles that discuss scenarios under development at the time of the post.

Scenario Design - What's in the Mix?

An overview of my first scenario pack in the works.

Booty Call - Russia - April 1943

German vs Partisan

Tin Omen - Dutch East Indies - March 1942

Japanese vs Dutch

Rubber Hussars - Ukraine - August 1941

Hungarian vs Russian

Electronauts - East Karelia - July 1941

Russian vs Finnish

Day of the Jackals - Syria - June 1941

British vs Vichy French

Road Maps 

Your Guides to Victory

Fog of War - Albania - March 1941

Italian vs Greek

Two Possibles

TBC which one will be in pack

Tag Team - Belgium - 10 May 1940

German vs Belgian and French

Dying Breed - Poland - September 1939

German vs Polish

Chop Suey! - China - October 1938

Japanese vs Nationalist Chinese

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