Battery Access and Battery Status (BS)
OBA Draw Pile (in drawstring bag) with RC and BS Tokens

Naval OBA
NOBA Draw Pile with RC and BS Tokens

Radio Contact (RC)
Front and back of Radio-Contact and Battery-Status Tokens

Token Primer

All packs low stock as of April 2024 ($75, $85, $25).

Jack, over at Hong KongWargamer, posted a short video of his Pleva Pack.

Please email battleschool at rogers dot com for a quote with tracking.

We accept PayPal, money orders in USD or CAD, and personal cheques drawn on Canadian and US banks. 


Anonymous said...

I am SO happy that I got a Pleva pack!!

Chris Doary said...

I hope it's helped you remember your OBA battery during play. I can't wait to try my set out at our next ASL meet up.

Fire for effect!

Chris Doary said...

Partial shipment (27 sets) arrived today. Nine Packs left in stock.

Chris Doary said...

One Gunner Pack and five Pleva Packs in stock.

Next restock is late November/early December.