26 November 2012

Tell me why you don't like Mondays?

BattleSchool Blue-Monday sale on now! 
I know, it's not January. But why wait until next year? Grab your ASL candy now and avoid the January blues.

Time to stuff a stocking with some ASL goodness.

Secret Santas here's your chance. 

Sale starts and ends today.

Thanks to everyone who dropped by for a look. All orders have shipped. Thank you for your patronage.

Thanks also to those who joined the blog as Squad Leaders recently. We will be announcing the winners of three contests within the week. Be sure to have your profile updated with a photograph and your name (first and last) to get the maximum number of ballots in our draw on 1 December. Most winners of the 1 September draw have been notified already. Winners of the 1 November draw will be announced at the same time as the winners for 1 December (and 1 September). (There was no draw on 1 October because we were at ASL Oktoberfest.)

12.5mm BattleDice
Commonwealth 5-Pack $30 + S&H

Axis and Allies 5-Pack $30 + S&H

East meets West Colour 10-Pack $55 + S&H

Nationality Series 18-Pack $99 + S&H

14mm BattleDice
Sniper! 4-Pack (amber & light-blue sold out) $28 + S&H

As above but with green & dark-blue $22 + S&H

Sniper! Effects Dice Pair $12 + S&H

Heretical Rate of Fire die $8 + S&H

16mm BattleDice
Panzerknackern (tank buster) die single $9.50 + S&H

Panzerknackern pair (individually wrapped) $17 + S&H

BudaPack (8 dice) $55 + S&H

American and Commonwealth ASLOK set $24 + S&H

Gröfaz edition ASL Oktoberfest set $48 + S&H

ASL Anniversary Set (2 available) $50 + S&H

For more information see our BattleDice page.

Action Pack 5 (out of print)
As promised, on sale for today only.
Weight when packed is about 400g or almost 1 lb. 
One per customer please.
Action Pack 5 $29 + S&H

Elite Canadians and BattleDice Combo
Nine (9) scenarios and ten (10) precision dice.
Elite Canadians & Commonwealth Bonus Pack $78 + S&H

12.5mm CW Bonus Pack includes one (1) Baby ROF die

DYO 12.5mm Precision Dice 6-Packs
Choose any colour combination (except pink)
DYO 12.5mm precision dice 6-Pack $30 + S&H

Ozerekya Breakout Campaign Game
This publication and more in our KitShop catalogue

BattleSchool KitShop Gift Cards available upon request.

Do not see what you are looking for here? Email for a copy of our 16-page ASL catalogue.
battleschool at rogers dot com

Shipping charges for dice are flat rates for airmail. Dice ship in premium plastic bubble mailer with extra bubble wrap.

Economy airmail (uninsured), surface (insured), and Expedited (insured and tracked) shipping rates available on email orders ONLY. Email for details.

Combined shipping available on email orders (EX: scenario packs plus dice).

Gift wrapping available upon request.

Please note that discounts for subscribers to Dispatches from the Bunker and members of the Canadian ASL Association do not apply to sale or limited time offer (LTO) prices.

All done? Take a break. It's Monday after all.
No Boomtown Rats today. Got to keep things upbeat. How about "Blue Monday" by New Order? Just kidding. According to some sources, it is the biggest selling 12" single to date. Released in 1983, BM is exceptionally long for a single though. But I bet you have heard it a hundred times. So I will leave you with some other silliness from the 80s, with ASL content no less. Trust me. Or not. Enjoy your Monday!

And for Helen...