05 June 2013

Got an Axe to Grind?

Looking for a copy of Armies of Oblivion? On 1 July 2013, we will raffle off a copy of this highly sought after, out-of-print module. Keep reading to learn how you can get your mits on these Axis Minors.
We have been so busy that we have yet to finish posting the results of our 1 March raffle earlier this year. Do not despair. We will announce the winner in the coming weeks. Come July, we will announce the winners of the raffles held on 1 April, 1 May, and 1 June. At that time, we will also announce the winner of our 1 July raffle. 
Canada Day marks the second anniversary of our blog Sitrep. To celebrate, we had intended to give away a copy of Rising Sun, the much anticipated module covering the Pacific Theatre. But due to circumstances beyond our control, we have had to revise our plans. Fortunately, we were able to acquire a ziploc copy of Armies of Oblivion. Keen to own the green meanies? Here is your chance to score them.
The module contains the newer, cardstock mapboards. The only thing missing is the box, and dice. We cannot do anything about the box. But we can do something about the dice. The winner of our Canada Day raffle will also receive our Axes to Grind Pack. The pack contains five 12.5mm BattleDice, one die for each of the nationalities included in Armies of Oblivion. Each of the Axis Minors had at least one axe to grind with their neighbours, and frequently with each other. Although our Axis Minor dice are designed to be paired with our black, 12.5mm Rate of Fire dice, they will also work with any coloured, precision, 12.5mm backgammon die. 
Croatia Bulgaria Romania Hungary Slovakia

How to enter
Our raffle is open to all ASL players. To qualify you must:
1. follow Sitrep as a Squad Leader effective 30 June 2013
2. follow under your first and last name
3. use a current image of yourself - not a generic avatar
4. leave a comment at the end of this post stating:
 a) when you started/returned to playing ASL
 b) how long you have been playing ASL
 c) your first and last name

In addition, the winner is required to accept the prize by leaving a comment at the end of the post in which we announce the results. We also ask that the winner contact us by email. We usually publish an ASL biography and a photograph of our major prize winners. If you are uncomfortable with this, please let us know in your comments at the end of this post. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at: battleschool at rogers dot com.
Some 230 Squad Leaders are following Sitrep as we write. Do not delay. Join Sitrep today!

Good luck!

Helen and Chris

Contents of a boxed copy of Armies of Oblivion containing mounted mapboards (for illustration purposes only)

Be sure to join Sitrep by clicking on the blue "Join this site" button in the Squad Leader box (found on the left-hand sidebar near the top of the page). Blogger will ask you to sign in with your current profile (e.g. Google, Yahoo, etc.). If you do not have a profile, you will need to create one. You will be asked to add an image during the process. You can drag an image from your desktop, or a file folder. Make sure that you are following Sitrep publicly.

Once you are following Sitrep as a "Squad Leader," you should be able to post a comment and complete the remainder of the contest requirements.

If you would like to receive notifications of new posts and updates, you will also need to subscribe to Sitrep. You may subscribe via an RSS feed, or by email.


Laurent Tinture said...

Hi Chris and Helen,

i want to participate to the raffles ;-)
I hope 3. is ok ; this is not me on the drawing but i use it everywhere (jlb agree its use ;-) )
If i win on one raffle you will have a good picture !
4a)i start playing with sk around 4 year ago now...
4b) it's four years no ? I start with SL in 80's but never try ASL before. Am'I a returning player ?
4c) Laurent Tinture from France.

Chris Doary said...

Salut Laurent

Pas problème avec ton avatar.

C'est une bonne caricature.

But if you win, we would like to see a picture of you rolling some BattleDice. ;)

Bonne journée!

Helen et Chris

Jackson Kwan said...

Hey Helen & Chris,

How are you folks doing?

So here I am. Joined as Squad Leader, full name, pic ..

a) Started learning ASL 6 months ago after I chanced upon a copy of SQL on eBay
b) 6 months
c) Jackson Kwan

Hope you are both doing well -- Rgds Jack

Don said...

The main reason I want to enter the raffle is for the dice. I can pass on AOO to a local newbie ASL'r at our group.

1. I started playing ASL in 1986.
2. Oh about 27 years I guess.
3. Don Lazov

I believe I am following this blog

rk said...


I wanted to participate in the raffle. I started playing SL back in '77 or '78 moved onto COI, COD, playtested GIAOV and then ASL, been playing ever since

1) since 77/78
2) 35 years
3) Richard Kindel

... wanted to follow under my name, but the site only let me link via google, twitter, etc ... so I'm not sure what my username is on those sites, some variation of rkkindel.

peacmyer said...

Hello Chris and Helen,

Jeff Myers here for the raffle. Started playing ASL in 2011, I believe, although I played a fair bit of SL back in the day. So, I've been at it about 2.5 years.

Cheers, Jeff

peacmyer said...

Hm. It is using my Google avatar, but my blogspot account has my pic uploaded....

orionstars said...

Thanks for holding this raffle!

I'm Peter Lakatos and have played ASL 15 years ago for about 3 years (college years).

Life took over and now I am trying to carve it back in (over the last 12 months), slowly acquiring items and re-teaching myself. Soon I'll meetup with some folks hopefully!

Jason Varsoke said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Section8 said...

My raffle entry:

a) I first tried to play about 10 years ago

b) I've just started back up again this month

c) Chris McDonald

Eorling said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chris Doary said...

At Jackson K and Don L,

Given that you already have a copy of AoO, you may want to encourage your ASL buddies to enter the contest too. This will increase the odds of your group winning the module and some cool BattleDice.

At Richard Kand Jeff M,

No biggie re the username/avatar. As long as you are not using a generic avatar, and we know who you are, you are okay. We are trying to discourage phantom users from entering the contest. We also want to the contest to be as "transparent" as possible.

At Peter L,

Our pleasure. Do not be shy about seeking opponents on VASL. And post a message on BGG/GS for oppos in your area. I am always amazed at how many "sleepers" there are within 50km/30mi of me.

At Jason V, Chris M, and Ryan K

Great to see you join/rejoin the hobby. It is a perfect time to reengage with the hobby.

P.S. Make sure that your avatar is not a grey silhouette or an exclamation mark.

Good luck in the raffle!

Eorling said...

Hi Guys, would love to be in this draw. I'm a newer player and I missed the sale.

a) Started by picking up a SK about two years ago and now play full.

b) Started soloing some SK about a year or so ago, then moved onto the full game and now mostly do PBEM.

c) Ryan Kirk.

Jose Tomas said...

a) I knew the game in 1988, in that time I bought all I can, but I didn't have any player, in 2007 I get interest in ASL again and this time I found VAASL and a lot of players.
b) In 2007 I begun to play ASL, in two years get into full ASL until today.
c) Jose Tomas Balaguer.

Chris Doary said...

Hola Jose,

Thanks for entering the contest. I got back into ASL at about the same time.

¡Buena suerte!

Greg Sapara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Greg Sapara said...

Not sure what happened: I tried to update my photo to a pic of me and it didn't seem to work, so I deleted and retried:

a) I returned to ASL about 2 years ago, maybe a bit more.

b) I started playing ASL when it was first published.

c) My name is Gregory Sapara


Anonymous said...

Two friends and I picked up ASL-SK after moving one across town and drinking beers over pizza last Fall. They started reminiscing about Squad Leader and having never played, I thought it sounded like a hoot.

I've only been playing about 9months, but they played the original Squad Leader for a few years. Can't quite get enough, we play every Saturday and Wednesday as well as over email.

-Jason Varsoke

Jackson Kwan said...

Thanks Chris .. doing it for those without (just as others has done for me) .. although I do lust after your BattleDice!

Lemme spread the word a bit on some of the Facebook groups for you.

As long the AoO goes to someone who'd actually treasure and use it, makes no difference I guess!!

(copying your GS announcement now ..)

Kevin Reynolds said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kevin Reynolds said...

I started playing Squad Leader when I was in high school way back in the mid 80s. We played quite a bit of the original game, and the three addon modules (which I repurchased, after a friend borrowed them, and lost them when he didn't pay his storage locker fee about 15 years ago). This was about the same time that I bought my first set of the ASL rules, and the other modules associated with it.

I've been playing ASL about 20 years ago with a friend who owned the original rulebook and the first 2 modules.

By the way, my name is Kevin Reynolds, nice to meet you.

Unknown said...

I started to play ASL in May of 2012 after leaving a job to have some rest. It was really difficult to start looking for another one in november :D

So, my experience only one year, but I'm playing with my girlfriend (!) and we go through the scenarios very fast! :)

- Dmitry Klyuykov

Unknown said...

Digging through the site now looks like a lot of useful info.

a) remember waiting forever as it was delayed coming out in early Eighties. But on a side note since it was delayed I picked up Up Front. Took a break from roughly 91-01 back now.

b) On-off-on about 30 years

c)Chandler Braswell

Jose L. Serrano said...

Hola camaradas,

this is José, a Spaniard turned half Dutch after 20+ years living in this rainy country (just kidding I love this place).

- I started playing ASL in my twenties, when I went to the USA to get my degree and found a new version of my beloved SL. I am 48 now... wow, just realized how long ago this is.

- I have been playing wargames since before I could read those English rules (we used a dictionary to translate the Panzer Blitz sequence of play word by word). ASL I have been learning it since the 90's, I haven't finished chapter E yet.

- Jose Luis (First names)
- Serrano Galarraga (Last names)
- José to my squad budies

Chris Doary said...

@ Greg,

Thanks for persevering Greg. Blogger/Goggle can be a pain to figure out. Good luck in the draw!

@ Jason,

No worries re the avatar. We have you on our mailing list. So all is good. Thanks for entering the contest.

@ Jackson,

Thanks for passing the news on.

Keep your fingers crossed. We may just raffle off a second set of dice.

@ Kevin,

I see it worked the second time around. Thanks for updating your avatar. A pleasure to meet you too. Just a thought, but if you win AoO, I recommend that you do not lend it. :)

@ Dmitry,

Приятно слышать от вас. I hope your girlfriend no longer lets you win. :)


@ Chandler,

Welcome aboard! We try to sprinkle tidbits of ASL goodness throughout the blog. Our hope is that most posts are worthy of a second look at a later date. Enjoy the read!

@ Jose,

Buenas tardes Sr. Embajador Serrano Galarraga,

Not to worry, we are holding a Dutchman hostage in Halifax - in case if you want to swap places. ;)

I remembering playing Panzer Blitz in the 70s. I was no good at it. Maybe it would have made more sense to me if the rules were written in Swahili. Oh, do not worry about chapter E. I do not think that anyone ever "finishes" that chapter.

Curious, but I always thought it was sunny in the Spanish Netherlands. :)

GrumbleJones said...

a) Started playing SL in 1978 and ASL in 1988
b) 25 years (still don't know all the rules though...)
c) Kermit Mullins

Unknown said...

Hi, Helen and Chris. Is ti still the frozen north this time of year?

a) "returned" to playing at West Coast Melee in 2012 but I'd only played a few games in 1985-86 with my son until he discovered the opposite sex. We did play SL before that but not sure how long.

b) I guess that makes 1.5 or 28 years depending how you look at it.

c) John Lehman

JohnFarris said...

a) when you started: I think it was 1989.... after starting with the AH games in the 1960s I found the ASL rulebook at the hobby shop and then it began...

b) how long you have been playing ASL.... On and off since 1989.

c) John Farris

Unknown said...

Hi Chris and Helen

First started playing Squad Leader at the tender age of 15 when my late father picked up a copy in Tally Ho Games, so that would be early 1980s.

Started playing ASL regularly in the early 1990s and haven't looked back, one of my regular FtF being the Best man at my very recent wedding :)

Won't be at ASLOK this year, but hope to catch up with the two of you in the near future

Best wishes

Derek Cox

Federico Strazzari said...

Hello everybody!
I started plating Squad Leader way back in the 90's.
I recently came back and I bought everything I could... except Armies of Oblivion, of course!!!

Unknown said...

Hi I would like to enter the raffle please

I just started playing ASL about 6 months ago, have not played much but am trying to get more into it

love your site (and the goodies you sell:.)

Alan Hume

Unknown said...

Hey Chris,

Nice website you got here. Current image of myself is from my CF-18 ride last year. I know that's not Army but hey I'm Air Force now, LOL.

a) Started playing in 200 but after a 5 year break have gotten back to it a month ago. Lots of stuff to catch up on.
b) 8 years minus the hiatus.
c) Denis Dorion

Love getting back to this game and seeing how vibrant it is.

Unknown said...

LOL, my post should have said I started playing in 2000 not 200. :-)

Lance Roberts said...

a) When it first came out, had been playing SL
b) Since the beginning
c) Lance Roberts

Unknown said...

Great website - thanks fort sponsoring this contest!

a) beagn playing SL in 1996. Started ASL (SK) in 2012.

b) I played SL for 2 years - took a long break - and have been playing ASL for about a year.

c) Steve Elliott

Unknown said...

Hi The question about How Long I have been playing ASL is a tricky one. Officially I have been playing ASL for about 2 years. I did play SL from 1977 until 1 1/2 years ago.

I have all of the official modules except AOO and ABTF - I purchased them when they originally came out but my brother refused to start ASL so I got ticked off at him and stopped buying anything ASL until 3 years ago

Steve Slunt

Chris Doary said...

@ Kermit,

Great to hear from you. Where did your son, the marine, get posted after graduation? Good to see on your blog boxcarsagain that the dice gods are not always against you. :) Good luck!

@ John L,

Well it has been chilly after a spell of 85F weather a couple of weeks ago. But nothing that should discourage ASL players from making the trip north of the 49th parallel between April and October. Or has our resident Canadian ASL player in Hollywood been telling fibs?

@ John F,

Honoured to have such a distinguished guest join our contest. Playing since 89 you say. Was that not the same year that the IIFT debuted? What a coincidence. ;)

Good luck John!

@ Derek,

Nice to hear from you mate. No worries re ASLOk. We will cross swords again, hopefully on the other side of the pond. Take care, and good luck!

@ Federico,

Buongiorno Federico,

Thanks for entering the contest. I envy you if you are going to Carimate this year.

Buona fortuna!

@ Alan,

Awesome to see so many new and returning ASL players. Thanks for joining Sitrep. Be sure to update your avatar before 1 July. All the best!

@ Denis,

If I had to do it again, I would skip the army and join the airforce, and see the world in style. Enjoy your new posting. Stay safe, and keep your dice handy. Plenty of ASL on the left coast. Until we meet again, take care!

@ Lance,

Thanks for entering the contest. If you win, you will have heaps of counters to clip during those long winter nights above the Arctic Circle. :)

@ Steve E,

Thanks for the compliments. I am surprised that some people still play SL. I enjoyed it back in the day. But it is so hard to source components today. Good to see that ASLSK has helped folks like you transition from SL to ASL. It never ceases to amaze me how many people are only discovering now that the ASL community is alive and kicking. Had an old army buddy drop by last week. He played a bit of SL years ago. He thought, incorrectly, that the hobby was no more. As the number of comments here seem to suggest, the hobby is experiencing a bit of a growth spurt. Recruit a newb today!

@ Steve S,

Cool to see another Canadian player return to wargaming. I heard that you acquitted yourself well at the Canadian Open in Winnipeg last year. Your considerable SL experience must have helped - proof, I think, that SL players have nothing to lose by giving ASL a test drive. Good luck!

Mike Rosberg said...

I bought into ASL in the fall of 2009. I used the EIGHT STEPS TO ASL: A Programmed Instruction Approach By Jim Stahler (which was published in The GENERAL Vol. 22, No. 6) to help guide me through the rulebook. It wasn't until the spring of 2010 that I'd cobbled together enough knowledge start playing. My match at Beau's in June of 2010 was one of my first. I should mention my good friend John who took up ASLSK at the same time I started into ASL and was a huge help with navigating through the maze of learning the best game on the planet.

Mike Rosberg

TL said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chris Doary said...

@ Mike,

We would love to see you at a future game day, if your schedule permits. We have plenty of newbie-friendly scenarios to choose from. In the meantime, stay in the fight! :)

@ Tuukka,

Hei, ja tervetuloa Sitrep! Nice to see a rep from Suomi post here. Looking forward to Hakkaa Päälle. Please pass on my regards to Tuomo Lukkari. Onnea!

Nghtflame7 said...

Started playing when SL came out in the 70s. Got ASL as soon as it came out. Stopped for 20+ years in the USMC. Started playing again in 2009. So I've been playing for either 30+ years or about 4.
Semper Fidelis,
Gordon Todd

Steve said...

Hi all...thanks for all the hard work on the great blog.
Steve Duboyce, started playing ASL in 1985, been playing on and off since then.
No face pic of me, though I must say the battleship firing a full broadside is much more impressive.

Chris Doary said...

@ Gordon,

The military is a jealous keeper. Hard to find time to devote to board games, when you are knee deep in... Now is a good time to be in the hobby. So in one respect, you timed your return just right.

@ Steve,

Thanks for updating your avatar. It is more interesting than the one from November 2011 when you first joined Sitrep. Thanks for reading and following. It is good to know that some folks actually read this stuff. :o)

Good luck!

Talloaf said...

Hello Sitrep. I stumbled upon your raffle through ConsimWorld. I've followed Battleschool and all you're doing for the hobby on Gamesquad.

a) I started playing ASL SK in 2008, and jumped right into full ASL at the Bitter Ender tournament in Raleigh, NC in April of that year.
b) 4.5 years
c) Jonathan Davis (davis.jl)

Unknown said...

I'd like to join the raffle.

I started playing SL in highschool and then made the transition to ASL. In my mid-twenties, I stopped playing. Just this spring I started again.

Nordard said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nordard said...

Hi, Im from Russian Federation, St.Peterburg.
In the past year had a lot of fun to play in ASL SK with Philippe Briaux.
a) 2012
b) 1 year
c) Roman Reznichenko
It was a shame to be late on sell AOO on MMP site :(
several AAR posted in my blog here: http://nordard.blogspot.ru/search/label/Advanced%20Squad%20Leader

Unknown said...

Hi all fellow ASL'ers.

a) I started this great hobby back in 2008 with ASL starter kit. From that I have gathered the in print items missing out on OOA when it was around.

b) I have just started playing ASL regularly just this past year.

c) Derek Rowe

Chris Doary said...

@ Jonathan,

You live in a great area for ASL. Nice to see that ASLSK worked its charm on you. Or maybe it was all those bullies at Bitter Ender who strong armed you into ASL. ;) Matters not. What does matter is that you are still playing almost five years later. Keep at it!

@ Kirby,

Always a pleasure to see old fans of Squad Leader discover the delights of ASL. Had a blast playing SL in my 20s too. But the ASL bug bit me well before I turned 30. ASL has plenty to offer young and old alike. However, there is some nostalgic comfort to pushing cardboard rather than electrons for a few hours. Welcome back!

@ Roman,

Это потрясающее, что ASL жив и здоров в St,. Петербурге. It amazes me how many people in Eastern Europe are playing ASL. I only know of Dmitry and Sergei playing in Moscow. Are there many players in St. Petersburg?

Philippe is a hoot to play. Helen really enjoyed WATCHING a game that I had with Phiippe last October. He was so entertaining. But do not let the smile fool you. He is a top player, and an excellent teacher.


@ Derek,

Another convert! Excellent! Helen still plays Starter Kit. I doubt she will ever move to ASL. She tells me that Starter Kit is mentally draining enough. Glad to see that you were not intimidated by the big book. There are several lifetimes of play in the system. Armies of Oblivion arrived in the post yesterday. Plenty in that ziploc bag to keep you entertained until 2018. :)

Good luck everyone!

Event Horizon said...

I just recently returned to playing ASL but I started when the ASL main rulebook was released. I oddly never played SL or any of its expansions.

I have been playing on and off since the game was released but never in any consistent fashion until I found a local group after moving to Calgary.

-- Zac Belado

Chris Doary said...

@ Zac,

Time for Calgary to host another ASL tourney. I attended a couple in the late 80s. There are currently enough players within a two-hour drive of the Saddledome to provide sufficient numbers for a very respectable regional tourney. (A little prairie squirrel told me that a tourney is being considered for the fall.) Moreover, if someone offered to host the Canadian ASL Open in Calgary, the city would attract even more players.

You came to the right place for ASL. It looks like Calgary is experiencing an ASL revival. Enjoy the ride!

Nordard said...

@ Chris
Unfortunately, a few players.

Totally agree.

FB Bill said...

Hey Chris and Helen,

Thanks for running this raffle!

I played ye old Squad Leader a bit back in the olden days, then bought the ASLRB when it first came out, but never really played the game. Sometime in the early '90s I decided there had to be something more productive to do with my evening than watching bad sitcoms, so I cracked the ASLRB out and started reading.

I've been playing ASL off and on, probably at a rate of 1 to 2 games a month since the early 90s. Most of my gaming comes at two tournaments, ASLOK and Winter Offensive with a few games in between.

I love the specialized dice.

All the best!

Bill Cirillo

Chris Doary said...

@ Roman,

Keep at it. You are the ASL ambassador (посол/posol) for St. Petersburg. :D

@ Bill,

Thanks for the kind words.

I hope the fact that you need a copy of Armies of Oblivion is a sign that you need more Hungarian counters for play testing FB CGIV. ;) Although I do not know how you will ever find time to punch the counters. The first couple times I saw you at ASLOk (2007/2009/2010), I recall you punching counters from Yanks! Sounds like you have plenty to do in your spare time than watch sitcoms. :D

Patrick said...

>> a) when you started/returned to playing ASL

Got SL sometime around 1991-92, got ASLRB and BV around 1993-94. Played a few scenarios with a friend in high school but mostly solitaire. Have played more games with others since discovering VASL c. 2003. Finally made it to a tournament in 2012! It's a goal to make it back to the ASL Open this year, and hopefully try and find a FTF opponent or two in the area.

>> b) how long you have been playing ASL

A little here and there for about 20 years now. Probably only about 50 scenarios played against opponents in that time though.

>> c) your first and last name

Patrick Martin

Saw a link to this raffle/your site on BGG -- looking forward to taking a look around your site.

Chris Doary said...

@ Patrick,

Thanks for joining Sitrep. Provided you never, ever sell off your gear, ASL will always be waiting in the wings for you. I am sure that your game play will increase when you have more free time. I know of several guys who recently retired and are now playing more ASL (and attending tourneys) than they ever did before. Squeeze a game in when you can. And rest assured that there is always someone these days looking for a game on VASL. :)

Tigernaut said...


I started playing just over a year ago, but had all the SquadLeader modules. Just never progressed to ASL until 2012.

Keen to play more but no opponents really close so opportunity for FtF limited. Tried VASL but not the same. Working on getting my wargaming friends to give it a go.

Here's hoping for a chance to get AoO.

Enjoy the game
Lee Hyde

Chris Doary said...

@ Lee,

Stiff upper lip and all that. :0)

It would be awesome if you could recruit some new face-to-face ASL talent in your local bailiwick. The future of ASL is in your hands. Now go find someone interested in playing the Axis Minors. :D

Dale said...

Hi Chris,

I scored a copy of AoO about a year ago for a steal so happily sit this one out. I've played a couple of scenarios from it and it's great. I really enjoy the axis minors - so good luck to all and congrats to the winner and an awesome gesture on from you mate.



Chris Doary said...

G'day Mate,

How is life in Hobbiton? Thanks for dropping by. Will have to get a game in come July. Maybe something with Axis Minors. :)

Dale said...

Cold at this time of year mate, bghrrr, trying to keep my winter vege alive. Nothing like winter in your part of the world though ;)

Sounds like a plan, I'll have a rummage through some scenarios and shoot you off an email.

Peter Jeffrey said...

Hi Chris & Helen,

I started playing ASL in 1990.
So that makes 22+ years! There have been a couple of extended 'pauses' over the years!

Peter Jeffrey

Peter Jeffrey said...

and with photo!

Unknown said...

Hey Chris & Helen,

Nice site, you're doing a good thing for the ASL community!

I've been playing ASL on and of from the late 80's after switching from SL. I've had a few breaks in between, but always come back.

Sadly the player population in The Netherlands is quite small. I've been trying to get new people to play with a few successes so far :)

It looks like I might make it to ASLOK this year for the first time, so I might run into you guys there.

Dirk Beijaard

Unknown said...


1. Done.
2. Done.
3. Done.
4 a) & b) I can't remember. More than 20 years, for sure.
4 c) Fernando G. Maniega, from Palencia, Spain. At your service, sirs.

If I win the raffle I'll pass the prize to my ASL pal (finger crossed) :-)

BTW, Jose Luis. It's nice to hear from you again!

Unknown said...

Started playing ASL in 89 when a friend took me to see a Red Barricades setup he was playing with another guy-

Bought the rulebook, BV and West of Alamein that very day and have been playing nonstop ever since-

Brian Sullivan aka Dr. Death-

Chris Doary said...

@ Peter,

G'day mate,

Thanks for posting. I took my wife to Brisbane in 2005. (I had not been since 1986.) She loved it. We still have a book that describes the city suburbs. She was seriously thinking of moving there. (We were living in NZ at the time.) We will not be back for some time, however. I have been promising her a trip to Europe for some time now. She is even okay with me attending a tourney during our trip. How cool is that?

Good luck in the raffle!

@ Dirk,

Glad to see you enter the contest. You are one of our earlier Squad Leaders from September 2011. Thanks for reading. Thanks too for the kind words.

Too bad the Arnhem tourney is no more. No guarantees, but if you ever plan to run a tourney in June (on a weekend either side of the tourneys in Carimate Italy or London England), we will do our best to attend. At least you will be guaranteed a few face-to-face games over that weekend. :)

All the best, and good luck in the contest!

@ Fernando Javier,

I think you were the 15th person to join our blog back in July 2011. Odds are that you are bound to win something soon. ;)

Good luck to your FCB fan in Palencia! Oh, and ¡Viva Real Valladolid! :D

@ Dr. Death,

Thanks for entering the raffle Brian. I wish it was so simple to win over prospective ASL players these days. I have always thought that a DASL game with 1/285th miniatures was the ultimate in ASL eye candy. But I can see why Red Barricades caught your eye. When RB was released, my longtime ASL buddy and I were blown away. If you win AoO, you will be able to tackle the big CG in Festung Budapest. Now that, is one fine HASL. Good luck!

Unknown said...


I want to participate in the raffle. I started collecting ASL back in 2009. Start playing just recently.

1) Collecting since 2009, playing 2013.
2) 3 months
3) Alan Clark

Also looking at the GMT Panzer series.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Greetings Helen and Chris,

At the risk of repeating what so many others have already stated, this is an excellent ASL site!!

I would very much like to enter the current raffle:

I first played ASL in 1990. I played pretty regularly until 1992 and then was out of the hobby for 20 years. I got back into the game in 2012 playing SK scenarios with some neophyte friends. Since then I've hooked up with some really cool experienced/veteran players in my area and are now back into full ASL.

My 20 year hiatus aside, I've played for about 3 years total.

James Lamphere

Joseph O'Sullivan said...
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Joseph O'Sullivan said...

I would like to enter the raffle for Armies of Oblivion.

I started playing ASL when it came out in in 1985. I have been playing ASL for 20 years total.

Joseph O'Sullivan

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...


I'd love a chance to win AoO.

I'm a relative newbie to ASL. I played the old Avalon Hill and SPI games in the 80's as a kid, but somehow missed this. I finally got into it about 15 months ago when I used an Amazon voucher to pick up SK1 and quickly got addicted. I spent last year playing through the Starter Kits (I think I got the Bonus pack from you!), started reading the full rulebook over Christmas, and I'm now enjoying the extra depth of the full rules.

My name is Rob Hynes and I play ASL.

John Adair said...


My name is John Adair. I've been playing ASL off and on since 1996, so I've been playing for about 17 years.

Thanks for this blog, and for the opportunity to win AoO.

Paul F. Messina said...

Hi Chris and Helen! Please consider this my official raffle entry for Armies of Oblivion! Here are my replies to your questions.

a) when you started/returned to playing ASL

I actually began with the original Squad Leader game way back when. A good friend of mine introduced me to ASL when we were both stationed in Panama in the mid-1990's. I played until 2002 and then took about 8 years off making my comeback in 2010 progressing through the ASLSK line and finally back into ASL although I still enjoy the SK line very much.

b) how long you have been playing ASL

On this most recent return, about 3 years.

c) your first and last name

Paul F. Messina

Chris Doary said...

@ Alan C,

That's one of the great things about ASL. Collecting and perusing all of the pubs is half the fun. Good to see you dipping your toes in the other half. Good luck in your next game, and in the raffle.

@ James L,

It is never to late to start playing ASL (again). Thanks for bringing more people into the hobby. Even at the Starter Kit level, the game offers a lot of interest and challenge. Helen certainly finds ASLSK enough of a challenge. :)
Good luck in the draw!

@ Rob H,

Yep, you got one of the last copies of that Bonus Pack. Wish we still had some. Helen and I need to break out a scenario from that pack. I think it is the only ASLSK pub that we have not tried a scenario from yet. ASLSK1 is a superb intro to the system. It provides plenty of action and fun in a small box. I think that ASLSK1 has got more people hooked on ASL since 2004 than any other ASL pub. Enjoy the ride, and good luck in the contest!

@ John A,

Thanks for joining Sitrep. AoO would be a great addition to your ASL collection. It would allow you to play some really cool scenarios, as well as the big CG in Festung Budapest. Good luck in the draw!

@ Paul,

Great to hear from you Paul. Congrats on winning the ASLSK Mini at the Texas tourney earlier this month. You have become something of a ringer. Time for you to give Fort a run for his money next year. :D Good luck in raffle!

Chris D. said...

I returned to playing ASL 4 years ago, when I found the Berserk Commissars were still meeting in Portland, Oregon. (Where I lived until a month ago, now I'm in Portland, Maine).

I started playing ASL in 1985 when it first was published and was an experienced Squadleader (and gamettes) player before then. Had a ten year or so hiatus.

Chris Dawson

Chris Doary said...

@ Chris D,

Nicely done Chris. In, just under the wire. That is a cool switch you made. I bet the folks in Maine are happy to have another ASL player in their neck of the woods. Perhaps you can make it to the Tussle in the Tundra tourney in New Hampshire later this month. Good to hear from you. All the best in the draw!

We will post the names of the winners today. But the full post will have to wait until we receive photos and bios from the lucky few.


Helen and Chris