07 December 2011

Naughty or Nice

New Years Day, will mark six months of blogging, and latent carpal tunnel syndrome. Coincidentally, 1 January 2012 will also mark the biggest Sitrep giveaway to date.
Sitrep launched on Canada Day, 2011. Compliments and support expressed by ASL players from around the globe since that time have been welcome and encouraging. We would like to hear from more of you, especially those who are not native English speakers. Feel free to post a comment in your own language.
For our December raffle, Helen and I want to give away something a little more grand. We also want to give Squad Leaders a choice of prizes. Therefore, the winner of our last raffle of the year will receive one of the following gift packs:

Contest rules
You must be a Squad Leader—a follower of Sitrep—as of 31 December 2011 to qualify for the raffle. The winner is determined by a dice roll. The Squad Leader with the lowest dice roll after any tie-breaker rolls wins. Helen has volunteered to roll the dice.
Anyone who joins Sitrep after 7 December will receive one “ballot” for the raffle. A ballot is equivalent to one roll of the dice. Note that you must become a Squad Leader to qualify. "Subscribing" to Sitrep does not give you a ballot.

Those who were Squad Leaders as of 7 December 2011 will receive a bonus ballot, or roll. In addition, Squad Leaders who joined Sitrep before December will receive an additional roll for each month that they were Squad Leaders. For example, if you joined in November, you would be eligible for three rolls: 
  • bonus roll for being a Squad Leader on 7 Dec 2011;
  • one roll for being a Squad Leader in Dec 2011; and
  • one roll for being a Squad Leader in Nov 2011.
The draw will be held on New Year's Day, 2012. 

We will also have a bonus prize for a "qualified" runner-up. Everyone who is following Sitrep using their real identities—real names and avatars with their portraits—is eligible for the bonus prize. The prize is a set of our new American and Commonwealth dice, or a $20.00 gift certificate—winner's choice. Thanks to Chris Dawson, Matt Purvis, and Ogi below for championing the bonus prize. :)

If you have not figured it out yet, joining Sitrep sooner rather than later will give you an edge in future contests.

Good luck!
Bonne chance!
Viel Glück!
¡Buena suerte!
Lycka till!
Buona fortuna!
Hodně štěstí!
Held og lykke!
Boa sorte!
Veľa šťastia!
Sok szerencsét!
Καλή τύχη!
Mult noroc!


Mark Morrison said...

YEAAA!!! Santa is coming!!!

Chris D. said...

Amazing prizes!! Can we get an extra roll for unemployment? Come on, purty please!

Matt Purvis said...

Hajra Magyarok! Sok, sok szerencet mindet csapat vezetonek!

I was happy to see you wish us luck in Hungarian. My favorite second language!

Quite the prize packs, Chris. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Amazing prizes, Chris & Helen. I can't believe you're struggling with wrist problems too. I think we should all just throw away our computers.

Ian said...

Very nice prizes Chris, You really know how to throw a party. Have a Happy Christmas


Whit R said...

I'm drooling... Hope I roll low! Thanks, Chris & Helen, for your generosity!

Chris Doary said...

Boldog Karácsonyt Matt. And thanks for participating.

Chris Doary said...

Mr. Dawson,

If we gave an extra ballot to under/unemployed persons like me and you, half of the Eurozone would want a bonus ballot. :)

Maybe we could work something out for those Squad Leaders with an avatar that puts a real face to a real name.

What say the rest of you lot?

Chris D. said...

Mr. Doary,

I see your point. Far too many of us in the same predicament. And besides just joking.

I did try to add a photo. It didn't attach to my earlier post, perhaps this one? I'll know in a moment.

Chris Doary said...

Mr. Dawson,

You have succeeded in more ways than one! We will add a prize for the runner-up of the December raffle.

To qualify the runner-up must follow Sitrep under his or her own name, and use a photograph, as you have done, for an avatar.

How about a set of American and British dice for a prize, or a $20.00 gift certificate--winner's choice?

Keith said...

sorry if this is a duplicate: Thank you for sending me the New Battledice. Love the New Anniversary Dice. The DSC and VC are very cool. However, I did get two Commonwealth white dice, but no biggie. I even like the Heretical ROF dice but REALLY love the Sniper die! Thankx for the Gold foil upgraded Battledice too. Very Nice! Do not have paypal so I sent a Christmas card (figured Helen would like that) with cash. Hope it gets there OK for I managed to spell your last name wrong. Oh, and Ogi wants you to know that he is real, same household, but much better looking than I. Thanks again and keep up the Great work--Keith

Matt Purvis said...

Sounds great Chris.

Chris Doary said...

Hi Keith,

Sorry for the duplicate Commonwealth squad leader. It would appear that the QC Queen missed another one. In her defence, she was probably packing them while talking to some tall, dark stranger at ASLOK. (I was likely in the middle of losing a game at the same time.) Of all the things NOT to pack in the poly bag, she leaves out an AIRBORNE TROOPER.

We will pop a Paratrooper in the mail to you, along with your prize for best pooch portrait.

And as handsome as Ogi may be, he has nothing on a dashing young PARATROOPER. Dig deep son, you must have a snap of you with your maroon beret somewhere. :)

Finally, Helen will definitely love getting a Christmas card from snowy Maine.

Josh said...


You and your wife are true philanthropists. Absolutely wonderful. I know the entire community appreciates the work that you are doing with your blog, and your generosity with the raffles. Personally, I hope your holiday season is a blessed one with lots of happiness for yourselves.


Liam Whalen said...

Excellent prizes. Good luck to everyone! Thanks again for providing such a great site.

Tim Hundsdorfer said...

Scheisse. Kann ich nicht weniger als sieben rollen.

Besser Gluck fur alle ASLhunder.

Chris Doary said...

Herr Hundsdorfer
Es klingt wie dein Platz hat “vor die Hunde gegangen.” :)
Macht nichts.
Nachsten mal, roll nur einzige Würfel. ;)

Chris Doary said...

Stop, I'm blushing. It really is not that big a deal. We just want to give a little back to the community. Thanks for all the wonderful comments just the same, though. Helen looks forward to seeing who has posted a comment.

I hope we get this much feedback when I post a poll a little later this year.

Thanks for following along.

Bryan Martin said...

Hopefully I have better luck this time. =)

JohnFarris said...

Hey Folks,
I think I am a reader of Sitrep since I am receiving comments at my G-Mail Reader. That mean I am a Squad Leader? And might be in the running for a set of dice?

Keep up the good work!

Chris Doary said...

Welcome JohnF! You are officially a "Squad Leader" on Sitrep.

You can find your generic avatar by clicking on "More," and then "Next" in the Squad Leader panel.

If you wish to qualify for the bonus raffle, you will need to add your last name and a photograph of yourself. This will become increasingly important for our raffles in 2012.

Anyone looking to win a copy of Festung Budapest, for example, would be advised to update his status as a Squad Leader.

Thanks for joining and good luck in the December raffle.