16 October 2015

New BattleDice!

Please have a look at some of the new pages we created for our new Stalingrad BattleDice, BattleBones, and ColdCubes. Check out the latest dice in our Arnhem series here, and our new Starshell die below. And do not forget to have a peek at our 30th anniversary set.

Backgammon dice also arrived, but are selling fast. 

Lone Canuck's Hell's Highway, and Friendly Fire Pack 10 are in stock. The latest Schwerpunkt and Rally Points are due to arrive on 2 November. And for those who are not aware, we also have the new version (2015) of the Rat Pocket Charts in stock: 36 pages of ratty charts and tables, now with tabs to make your life easier.

See our KitShop catalogue on Dropbox for a complete list of new releases and pricing. 

You may also email to order some items separately.

16mm Starshell die is ideal for CG scenarios


Thank you for your patience.

Helen and Chris

NOTE: In the email that I sent to our mailing list on 17 October, I misspoke regarding the publications released by Sherry Enterprises at ASL Oktoberfest last week. There are actually three "new" publications: Schwerpunkt Vol. 21, Rally Point 10 (a "best-of" collection of previously-published scenarios by Pete Shelling), and Rally Point 11. We only plan to stock Schwerpunkt Vol. 21 and Rally Point 11. However, we are taking orders for Rally Point 10 this week (only). 

Sorry for the confusion, and thanks to Mark Pitcavage and Paul Sidhu for sorting me out. -chris


Grumble Jones said...

25th Panzergrenadiers made the cut...woohooo!!!!

Chris Doary said...

The Swabians have indeed arrived. They have lots of cool toys in Hell's Highway.