03 July 2011

Free stuff for Squad Leaders

In celebration of the official launch of Sitrep, I will be running a number of monthly contests. On 31 July 2011, I will draw the name of one Squad Leader (i.e. a public follower) currently following Sitrep. 

How to enter:
  • all Squad Leaders receive a ballot for the draw
  • Squad Leaders who post at least one comment during July receive a second ballot
  • Squad Leaders who sign their comments using their real names receive a third ballot
The winner will have a choice of three prize packages. Each package consists of a credit redeemable in our KitShop, and a specific prize. 

Up for grabs this month are the following prize packages:

New-kid-in-town Package

Out-of-print Starter Kit pack and $20.00 KitShop credit.

Johnny-come-lately Package

Out-of-print bonus pack and $20.00 KitShop credit.

Precisely-what-I-need Package

Set of 9/16" precision BattleDice and a $20.00 KitShop credit.

Good luck to everyone!

All items are currently available in our KitShop.


thedrake70458 said...


How do I get a ballot please?


Mark Morrison said...

Sounds good. Great web site for a great game. Hope to read more of your posts in the years to come!!

Ian said...

Good Luck with this Chris. Very profesional, seems I have to raise my game ;-)
Ian Willey

(owt for something free)

Chris Doary said...


You just got one--two and a half, actually. One for being a Squad Leader, a second for posting a comment, and 1/2 for your first name. ;)

Provided you are still following the blog on 31 July, I will drop your ballots into the virtual hat.

Good luck,


Chris Doary said...

Thanks for the kind words guys.

Ian, you have no one to blame but yourself. :D

If you and other ASL bloggers had not paved the way, I would not have known where to start. As you well know, setting up an interesting blog is a lot of work.

Keep on blogging,


Bob Callen said...


Great blog, have enjoyed it so far! Look forward to seeing you at ASLOK,

Bob Callen

Pocky101 said...

Great work with this. Looking forward to more.

Joshua Speelman

Rudi said...

Hi Chris,

great looking Blog. I count the Days to see you at ASLOK.

Rudi Großholdermann, Germany

Chris Doary said...

Bob and Rudi,

Helen and I plan to arrive on the 30th. Would be great to get a game in with you before the crowds arrive midweek. Either way, we will definitely have a chance to meet some more people in the flesh for the first time.

See you in October!

tekay said...

Book marked this blog. One more thing to read with my morning coffee. Keep up the good work.

dude163 said...

So using my real name would come in handy!!

Eric Garrard said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eric Garrard said...

Great site. Keep up the good work. Eric Garrard

john said...

Hi Chris: John Haas of Columbus Ohio here. great site and i will be ordering some stuff from kitshop soon. we talked at aslok last year, keep it up, john haas

dude163 said...

John Haas? Did you used to live in Santee California

Robert t Wilson

john said...

no, sorry, robert, never lived there, but in 1960-62 i lived in Fairfield California, but not sure where Santee is. john

byhugvuy said...

Looking forward to following you blog and improving my game.

Eric Neff

RazorOne223 said...

Like you I am prior service. I also am just getting back into SL/ASL since being out of it since the late 80's. I got a set of your 16mm Festung Budapest dice in the past couple of weeks. Nice dice!! Keep up the good work on supporting ASL, we need it!

RazorOne223 said...

Didn't realize you were a prior service person like me. I was a helicopter rescue swimmer in the US navy until I too got hurt in the line of duty and was unable to retain flight status. Good work on supporting ASL, I too also am a prior player from the 80's and am just returning now. I live in a historical gaming desert, that being Sacramento CA. If you like historical wargaming and are thinking of moving here, please think twice! It is very bad unless you like ray gun type games...