22 June 2011

The Canadian ASL Open 2011

For the second year in a row, Ottawa is pleased to host the 15th Annual Canadian ASL Open (CASLO). The event runs 16-18 September.

The CASLO originated with the Winnipeg ASL Club. It owes much of its continued success to the late Jim McLeod, who died suddenly in his 40s. Jim was a founding member of the Canadian ASL Association (CASLA), the organization behind the CASLO. Jim is also the designer of the forthcoming Ortona HASL. However, despite the artwork on our CASLO poster, there is no Ortona theme this year. I personally would prefer to see such a theme coincide with the release of Ortona.

Like last year (and every year before), CASLO will consist of two tournaments. The main tournament (the CASLO) is a three-day, five-round, point-based affair. Players are seeded based on their experience ratings and paired accordingly. The Mini tournament is a two-day, three-round, single-elimination tourney.

Unlike 2010, the main tournament in 2011 features sponsored rounds. Each sponsored round has three scenarios from the sponsor, and two from other publishers. Participants are eligible to win  a prize if they play one of the sponsor's scenarios during this round. The winner of the prize will be selected by raffle. In addition to sponsored rounds, the CASLO is sponsored by Le Franc Tireur and MMP. The top three finishers in the CASLO will receive a plaque, a major prize, and a set of our precision, custom BattleDice. First prize is the forthcoming historical module from Le Franc Tireur entitled, Kampfgruppe Scherer: The Shield of Cholm.

The siege of Cholm (Jan-May 1942) lasted more than 100 days.

The Purple Heart Mini
The Mini tournament differs from previous years in that it is designed specifically for less experienced players. In each round, two of the three scenarios are infantry only, while the third is a mix of infantry, ordnance and/or vehicles. All scenarios are within the European Theatre of Operations (ETO), with no winter or adverse environmental conditions in play. Additionally, more seasoned players wishing to enter the Mini may be subject to a handicap. The winner of the Mini will receive a plaque, a set of precision BattleDice, and a copy of Purple Heart Draw donated by the sponsor of the the Purple Heart Mini: Lone Canuck Publishing.

Open Gaming
This year is also the first CASLO to offer open gaming. Open gaming allows players to play anything that they desire, including linked scenarios, and full-on HASL campaign games. Open gaming is also permitted on Friday for those pre-registered in the Mini tourney, and on Saturday and Sunday following elimination from the Mini. Note that players posting two losses in the CASLO on Friday may enter the Mini on Saturday. However, should they be eliminated in the Mini, they are asked to return to the CASLO in the next round. In other words, players signing up for the CASLO are asked to play five rounds (CASLO/Mini) and not engage in open play (EXC: between rounds).

Our sponsors have been extremely generous this year. I will post a picture of the prize table later this summer. In the meantime, suffice it to say that there will be roughly 20 prizes valued at more than $600.00 to be won. Apart from the prizes for the top finishers in each tournament, there will be a number of door prizes, as well as raffles for the sponsored rounds. 

Our Sponsors

More information
If you a question or would like to receive a CASLO flyer, please email battleschool@rogers.com.

See you in September!

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Panzer Dude said...

I can't wait for CASLO. The hotel is already booked. I already have a game lined up with Keith Hill which will be great. Stephen Knippel....are you out there? If you are coming to CASLO I would really like to get a game in with you.