18 July 2011

And there wuz cows

I stumbled across this delightful micro tourney held in Switzerland earlier this year. In April, Marc Blume organized a two-round event in a rustic venue overlooking the picturesque Walensee. The lake is surrounded by verdant hillsides, and majestic, snow-capped mountains. Their Kampfscheune, or battlebarn, is located just south of the village of Amden, about 100 kilometres southeast of Zurich. Although brief, Alpenfestung (mountain fortress) highlights what can be accomplished with good preparation and organization. Four people attended. They played two scenarios on Saturday. You can get more details of the weekend on Michael Shea's blog. All of these wonderful photographs are his. Enjoy the show!

If you ever needed help convincing your better half to take up ASL and travel the world, here it is. Marc is planning to run a second Alpenfestung this autumn. If you want more information regarding this event, check out the link in my tournament list, or click on Alpenfestung. Marc's site is in English, as well as German.


Mark Morrison said...

I wish all ASL or any other turney had a view like that.

Pocky101 said...

I second the Baron's statement. What a beautiful sight.