From grognard ("grumbler"), from grogner ("grunt, growl, grumble") + -ard
grognard m (plural grognards)
1. an old veteran soldier; specifically of the grenadiers of the Napoleonic Imperial Guard; an old complaining soldier
2. (slang) a person who enjoys playing wargames, especially the counter-heavy boardgames of the 1970s and 1980s

This is where new and old ASL hands alike will find links to material related to the ASL Rule Book proper. It is a virtual grab bag that will include desert (DTO), pacific (PTO), deluxe (DASL), historical (HASL), solitaire (SASL), and so forth. You will also find more general articles on our hobby here, as well as after action reports (AAR) of non-Starter Kit scenarios.

The Ian Daglish Legacy (1952-2011)

One for the Road (Bill Conner 1952-2012)

Gallant Galántay (Introduction to Festung Budapest)

Special Delivery: the First Special Service Force at 70

The First Special Service Force in ASL

La vérité sur les franc-tireurs (A short history of LFT)

Armchair Generals Part 1 (BoF16 Saluting a General AAR)

Armchair Generals Part 2 (BoF16 Saluting a General AAR)

Armchair Generals Part 3 (BoF16 Saluting a General AAR)

Armchair Generals Part 4 (BoF16 Saluting a General AAR)