18 February 2019

**Gone Ice Fishing**

We're back! Not that we went anywhere. 

We have had a crazy couple of years, and have not ventured far from home. This year promises to be more of the same. With that in mind, we have decided to step away from BattleSchool for a few weeks beginning 21 February. This will be the first time in almost a decade that we have shuttered our shop. We are reluctant to be specific about which day we will reopen, probably within a week of St. Patrick's Day (17 March). We strongly encourage customers to avoid making any purchases between 20 February and 15 March, because we will be unable to process orders during this period.

I will not burden you with details, but suffice it to say that Helen feels like the protagonist in the Truman Show. Someone or something keeps getting in the way of your destination. My blond, shield maiden has had some tough breaks, but is stronger and more determined than ever. That said, a little time away from everything would do both of us some good.

Sitrep and KitShop: Although I have tried to keep Sitrep pages relatively up-to-date on a monthly (or occasionally, a bi-monthly) basis, I have not posted since September 2017. KitShop likewise has continued with its (mostly) monthly catalogues. Thanks to all who have stood by us, not least those who continue to support us through purchases.

Shipping to US: Regrettably, I have not had a chance to bring shipping costs and methods in line with recent changes. I nevertheless want to point out that Canada Post is finally offering the same Small Packet Airmail service to the United States, as it has for just about everywhere else in the last ten years. We may now ship up to 2 kilograms (almost 4.5 lbs) as a Small (or Tracked) Packet. (Formerly, all orders over a kilo had to ship as an Expedited Parcel.) 

New releases: I have published a February-March catalogue, and placed it on Dropbox. I have no plans to post updates on Sitrep before April. With that in mind, I should mention that Le Franc Tireur 14, and Red Factories are due to arrive well before 17 March. We will contact those who have pre-ordered these items as soon as possible, but we cannot ship them until mid March. Sorry about that.

CASLO: The Canadian ASL Open will be held in Ottawa this year on the Victoria Day weekend (17-19 May). We plan to be there; you should too. :) The May "two-four" weekend is usually a beautiful time of year in Ottawa with the temperatures in the low 20s (68-72F). The venue is in the west end, in a room with lots of natural daylight. Check it out!

Free stuff: If you have read this far, you deserve something for your efforts. On 20 February, we will raffle off some prizes. Up for grabs is a set of OBA tokensBattleDice, a small pack of Canadian scenarios, and a surprise or two.

To enter the raffle, leave a comment at the end of this post not later than midnight on 19 February. You must be following Sitrep as a Squad Leader. Please provide your first name, the first letter of your last name, and the state/province and country where you live. 

Good luck!


Frazer said...

Enjoy your time away, I love your products, but you need the time out too! Posting this whilst on a city break in Berlin, it is good to recharge every now and then.See you when you return. 🤗🇬🇧👍

Hong Kong Wargamer said...

Hey H&C. Definitely sounds like a tough bit of time for you two. You certainly deserve a break! Hope you catch some rest and a ton of fish. I will see you soon!!

Rgds Jack

Unknown said...

Hi Chris and Helen. Enjoy your time away. Martin Hicks, Ottawa.

Chris Doary said...

Hi Frazer, Jack, and Tom,

Thanks for your comments. Expect something in the post in the next few weeks.

Good gunning in 2019!

Helen and Chris
P.S. Jack: We will include some prizes for Malayan Madmen. :)

Hong Kong Wargamer said...

Yeah!!! :D

Thanks so much and have the BEST trip!! Travel safe!!

Rgds Jack

Technoviking said...

Hi Chris. I will indeed be up for CASLO. I look forward to seeing you and Helen. I wish you both all the best!
Pro Patria, brother!

Mark said...

Hey Helen and Chris!

Enjoy a little well-deserved time away. Everyone needs that from time to time.


Mark Sockwell

Chris Doary said...

Hey Jack,

You're the one travelling. We ain't leavin' metro Ottawa. Too busy. :-)

P.S. Still waiting for you to confirm shipping address for prizes.

Chris Doary said...

Thanks for the well wishes David and Mark.

May is fast approaching, but I still plan to attend CASLO, if only as a participant in the Mini. Helen should be there Friday, but will be stuck in the lab all weekend.

Hong Kong Wargamer said...

Heya Chris .. just resent from a different email address. Hope that one works!!


Unknown said...

Enjoy your time off, all the best!

Hong Kong Wargamer said...

Heya H & C

Hope you are well!! Missing you in the ASL world :)

Rgds Jack

Hong Kong Wargamer said...

Heya H & C

Hope you are well!! Missing you two in the ASL world. :)


(DIdn't know if the 1st one posted)

Spencer Armstrong said...

I like free stuff!

Enjoy the break, Doaries!