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Please note that most of our ASL selection is found in our pdf catalogue. Email for a link to our KitShop Dropbox, which contains our catalogueshipping options, announcements, etc. Learn more about precision dice here.
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KitShop stocks ASL games, including out-of-print items.

$8 Elite Canadians II [2018] out of stock

    $20 Elite Canadians (9 scenarios) out of stock
    Scenarios Elite Canadians (Aug 2012)

    In stock! 3rd Edition in stock $40 plus shipping

    Out-of-print material in our catalogue includes: ASL Journals 8, 10, 11, and 12; Action Packs 6, 9, 10, and 11; For King and Country, Valor of the Guards, Hatten in Flames, Rising Sun, as well as heaps of other pubs produced by Bounding Fire Productions (e.g. Corregidor), Le Franc Tireur (e.g. Kampfgruppe Scherer), and other third-party publications such as Schwerpunkt and Friendly Fire.
    What you will find in our catalogue
    We carry publications from the following producers:
    • Bounding Fire Productions (Texas) 
    • East Side Gamers (Detroit)
    • Friendly Fire (Sweden) 
    • Heat of Battle (Chicago, Illinois) 
    • Le Franc Tireur (France/Cambodia) 
    • Lone Canuck Publishing (Victoria, Canada) 
    • Multi-Man Publishing (Millersville, Maryland) 
    • Sherry Enterprises (Tampa, Florida)
    • RAACO (Denmark) Handy Box, Assorter 80s (3-tier storage), smaller cases, and selection of inserts as of April 2024
    To view a pdf version of our full-colour, KitShop catalogue, please email battleschool at rogers dot com
    How to buy
    Please email: battleschool at rogers dot com for a quote with and without tracking.
    We accept PayPal, money orders in USD or CAD, and personal cheques drawn on Canadian and US banks.