BattleDice are our line of custom, precision dice. We have customized them for use with Advanced Squad Leader. Many of these dice are compatible with the Squad Leader system.

This page contains links to information concerning our 14mm designs. Here is a bit of history on how we came to design BattleDice. And here are a few photos of our earliest "Tommy" dice. You can learn more about our Sniper! Effects die hereAdditional information on some of our other 14mm specialty dice can be found throughout this page.

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November 2016 Release
Back by popular demand, a revamped version of our MOL dice. The new set consists of two white dice, one of which serves as the color die. See poster below for details.
$25/set (or less) OUT OF STOCK

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January 2016 Release
Our original Đust Đevils are sold out. They were discontinued because amber is no longer available. The new version consists of two opaque dice: white and black. Both dice now have orange pips.

Dust Devils (2016) - Instructions for use
LTO $20/set Dust Devils (2016) (Light/Moderate Dust)

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January 2015 Release
Our revamped Heretical Rate of Fire die is a result of feedback from players who found the gold and copper foils on the black version too similar. The Heretical ROF die is rolled as a third die. Its purpose is to determine ROF only. To avoid confusion, there are no pips whatsover on the die. (The first production run retained white pips on some faces. Later batches have no pips whatsoever.)

Look mom! No pips! New clean finish is ready to roll.

Heretical ROF $12 + S&H OUT OF STOCK

Choose colour

Re-imagined black version arriving November 2018 - no pips!

Check out our 12.5mm version of the Heretic here.

Tommy pairs - 2015 releases
The latest dice in this series are designed as entry-level precision dice for Squad Leader, and ASL Starter Kit players. Each two-pack contains a white die with a Tommy on the ace, and a coloured die with a Tommy on the ace. Select a specific colour combination from the dropdown menu below. 
Tommy Pair $12 + S&H RED PAIR SOLD OUT

Choose a pair or the 6-Pack

June 2013 Release

Molotov's Cocktails
These specialty dice have pips on all faces.
Molotov's Cocktails $25 (two dice) DISCONTINUED

March 2013 Release
Đust Đevils
The original Đust Đevils are sold out. The set below is sold out. They were discontinued because amber is no longer available. The new version consists of two opaque dice.

Đust Đevils (two dice) $25 + S&H DISCONTINUED

December 2012 Releases
Tommy Starter Pack
This Starter Pack is designed as an inexpensive, entry-level pack for Squad Leader, and ASL Starter Kit players looking to upgrade to precision dice. The pack contains two pairs of dice, enough for two players. We went with green and blue to represent American and German forces. However, the specific colours are irrelevant to play. Each coloured die features a Tommy in gold foil. One white die has a Tommy in dark-green foil. The other white die is stamped with dark-blue foil.
Tommy Starter Pack $20 + S&H SOLD OUT

Ostfront Sniper! Pack
The Ostfront pack was designed as an affordable set for new ASL players, specifically those who have just purchased Beyond Valor (BV3). The black and amber dice in the pack are reminiscent of the colour scheme of the original Squad Leader gamette Cross of Iron. The gamette famously added black Waffen SS counters. The black die in the pack is stamped with light-blue foil, an approximation of the colour of the current German counters (and the blue of the COI cover). The amber die is as close as we can get to the brown used for Russian counters. The dark-green foil is similar to the green uniform of the Soviet officer on the cover of COI. In order to keep the cost of this set down, we did not create new graphics. We did, however, use a darker red for the Sniper! Effects die. We felt that this gave the set a brooding, Ostfront feel to it. Given that all 24 scenarios in BV3 are set on the Eastern Front, we felt that our colour scheme complemented the setting.
Ostfront Sniper! Pack $25 + S&H SOLD OUT

October 2011 Releases
Heretical Rate of Fire (ROF) die
The 14mm (9/16”) “Heretical” Rate of Fire (ROF) die is black with gold, silver and copper foil on the one-spot, two-spot, and three-spot, respectively. It is designed to be used heretically as a third, ROF-only die. However, it can also be used in lieu of the coloured die, especially when using a weapon with a ROF. The bright metallic foil will encourage you to check for “rate” when one of the metallic designs is face up.
  • Roll a gold “Sherm,” and you are a Master Gunner. Any weapon with a ROF of 1-3 has got rate.
  • Roll a silver “Pak,” and you are an Oberkanonier, or senior gunner. Any weapon with a ROF of 2 or 3 has maintained rate.
  • Roll a copper mortar, and you are a (Russian) Артиллерист, or gunner. Any weapon with a ROF of 3 has maintained rate of fire.
Heretical ROF $12 + S&H  DISCONTINUED

Sniper! Effects die
The 14mm (9/16”) Sniper! Effects die is dark-red (i.e. darker than shown below) with graphics on the one-spot, and the two-spot. 
  • the grave marker and helmet signify a ‘1’ result on a Sniper attack die roll. The text around the graphic summarizes the effects of this result, as explained in the Sniper! post.
  • the red cross signifies a ‘2’ result on a Sniper attack die roll. The text around the graphic summarizes the effect of this result.

Sniper! Effects die $8 (each+ S&H out of stock

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Care and cleaning
CAUTION: Do not use solvents such as wood alcohol to clean your BattleDice. A bit of mild dish detergent and warm water is all that you should ever need. We recommend cleaning dice after periods of prolonged use. Cleaning will remove salts, acids, and oils that may corrode the foil, especially the metallic foils such as silver and gold. Do not "scrub" the dice.

If you are prone to holding dice in your palm throughout a game, we strongly recommend that you clean your dice after each game. This is particularly important if you suffer from "sweaty palms" during play. We have yet to experience any wearing of our personal dice. However, we only handle them when rolling, and generally leave them on the table when not in use. We also tend to clean them after a tournament, or long day of gaming. Cleaning your dice gently will not only prevent premature wear of the foil design, but it will also restore the jewel-like appearance of the cubes.

Thank you for supporting BattleSchool.

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