BattleDice are our line of custom, precision dice. We have customized them for use with Advanced Squad Leader. Many of these dice are compatible with Squad Leader, and similar period wargames.

This page contains information about some of our 16mm designs. In 2010, we released a commemorative set to mark the 25th anniversary of ASL. The set proved so popular that we began to release additional dice in this size. The larger format has also allowed us to design more elaborate specialty dice. In 2012, we released the first of our HASL series dice

The newest releases are located either at the top of the page, or on their own pages, such as our ArnhemStalingrad, D-Day, and Waffen-SS series. We also have produced dice for other games such as Command and Colors Ancients, and Twilight Struggle. Be sure to check out our specials, or Limited Time Offers (LTO)!

December 2018 Release

$35 each "Waffen-SS" Panzerknackern die low stock April 2024

April 2016 Release
Colour-coded Panzerknackern die $25 each in stock April 2024
The six faces of our revamped [2016] Panzerknackern die

Starshell Usage Die
Our new 16mm Starshell Usage die features orange pips on four faces. The six-spot is a "cheat sheet" of the most common restrictions on Starshell usage (E1.921). Orange pips indicate that the unit has a Starshell [EXC: for MMC or a CE AFV with no Armor Leader, the die roll (dr) must be ≤ 2, as noted in green foil]The text on the five spot reminds players that leaders, including CE Armor Leaders, are your best chance for a Starshell, because they succeed on a dr of ≤ 4, which corresponds to the orange pips on the Starshell die. This is important to remember, because you may only make one Usage dr per hex.

$25 each in stock April 2024

Wound-Severity and Sniper Effects die
This combination die has an intuitive design. (The suggestion came from Mike Peebles of Ohio.) 
Wound-Severity The green pips indicate that a SMC is wounded on a Wound Severity die roll (dr), while the red pips signal a mortal wound. The orange pips, along with the red, foil cross on the four-spot (Alex Key's idea), remind players that a currently wounded leader will perish rather than wound when this result is rolled. Otherwise, the SMC is wounded. 
Sniper-Effects The text on the ace and the deuce is consulted when the die is used in its Sniper role. On a dr of one or two, a Sniper attack takes place. The text on the resultant face serves as a reminder of the possible effects, which are dependent upon the type of targets present in the target hex.
New price: $35 each low stock April 2024

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Care and cleaning
CAUTION: Do not use solvents such as wood alcohol to clean your BattleDice. A bit of mild dish detergent and warm water is all that you should ever need. We recommend cleaning dice after periods of prolonged use. Cleaning will remove salts, acids, and oils that may corrode the foil, especially the metallic foils such as silver and gold. Do not "scrub" the dice.

If you are prone to holding dice in your palm throughout a game, we strongly recommend that you clean your dice after each game. This is particularly important if you suffer from "sweaty palms" during play. We have yet to experience any wearing of our personal dice. However, we only handle them when rolling, and generally leave them on the table when not in use. We also tend to clean them after a tournament, or long day of gaming. Cleaning your dice gently will not only prevent premature wear of the foil design, but it will also restore the jewel-like appearance of the cubes.

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