ASL Releases

"No Jerries for miles" he says. "A stroll in the park," he says!
This is where you will find links to posts regarding new product releases, including reviews of MMP and third-party publications.

Le Franc Tireur's KG Scherer: the Shield of Cholm

DHL Delivery! KGS (Cholm) Update

Turret Replacement Program (Countersmith AFV turrets)

The Delight is in the Details 
(Countersmith AFV turrets)

For King and Country Once More (FKaC overview)

Rendezvous with Roma (Action Pack 8 overview)

Alarm! Alarm! Festung Budapest! (refer GG post below)

Well ain't that just Marvie (WO Bonus Pack 3)

Gallant Galántay (Introduction to Festung Budapest)

Lucky Thirteen (Le Franc Tireur No. 13) 

Crossfire: MMP's ASL Hat Trick (WO Bonus Pack 4, etc.)

Rats in the Kitchen! (Le Franc Tireur Pocket Charts)

Rising Sun - Come Earn Your Stripes! (ASL Module 13)

ASL Action Pack 9 - To the Bridge!

Winter Offensive Bonus Pack 5

Hakkaa Päälle! Rotten to the core?