16 June 2014

Take the BattleDice Challenge!

Look what’s coming this summer! New BattleDice are also in the works. For a chance to win these,1 read on! 
On 1 August 2014, we will once again roll some dice.2 How many dice depends on you. Canada Day marks the third anniversary of Sitrep. Help us mark the day by entering our latest contest. We want your input. In return, you will have two chances to win some free stuff.
We routinely receive suggestions for new BattleDice, including designs for games other than ASL. So we thought we would open the floor to additional suggestions, hence the contest. 
Here is how it works. You tell us what types of BattleDice you would like to see in the future. We enter your name into the raffle to win one of the prize packages shown below.
1. Crossing the Moro Prize Package
2. BattleDice Prize Package
3. $50 Gift Certificate
Not happy with these odds? No worries. Give us an idea so good that we use it in a future design, and we will reward you with the finished product. For example, Matt Ryder of New York state suggested that we make a die for Molotov Cocktails. This led to our 14mm set of Molotov’s Cocktails. In recognition of his suggestion and feedback, Matt received a complimentary set of these dice when we released them last year. It is therefore possible to win twice, once in the raffle, and once for a great idea. Either way, what have you got to lose?
14mm Molotov's Cocktails
In order to kick start the process, I will review some designs in various stages of development. Then you can let your imagination run riot. 
Our 12.5mm “nationality” series currently consists of 30 dice that represent a variety of states and factions, including a group with its own set of rules in ASL (A25.43). Under consideration at the moment are dice to represent the (British) Indian Army, South Africa (and Rhodesia), post-1943 Italian forces (fighting on the side of the Allies), and Thailand, to name a few. Of these, the Indian Army is arguably the most important.3
The Star of India
We are also open to exploring other conflicts that utilize the ASL system. For instance, the design for a 12.5mm die that broadly represents Nationalist forces during the Spanish Civil War (SCW) is done, as is a 12.5mm die for the International Brigades.4 The impending publication of an ASL module dedicated to the Korean War has led to further, tentative designs. 
ASL and the Korean War 1950-1953
Designs for 12.mm (½”) dice need to be simple. Detailed images will not work. For this reason, a design that is representative of the Spanish Republican forces continues to elude us. As the feature below illustrates, each side in the SCW was composed of a host of competing factions. Notwithstanding the strong influence of the Soviet Union, the International Brigades, and Spanish communists, is it really fair to use a hammer-and-sickle for the Republicans?  
The Spanish Civil War 1936-1939
Some have asked if we could make a 12.5mm die for the USMC and the SS given that they are represented by unique counters in ASL. I suppose that we could also look at dice for British paratroopers, NKVD, and so on. But where do we draw the line? 
Ox, Bucks, and Pegasus at the Bridge
The complexity of any given design is a good starting point. Unlike print media, the stamps and foils used to create our designs are limited in the amount of detail that they can impart. So while a hammer and sickle is within the limits of a 12.5mm die, a Pegasus would be difficult to replicate well, even on a 16mm die.  
Divisional Symbols
While we are on the subject of unit-specific dice, it is worth mentioning that some players prefer 14mm dice for general use. Is there any value in designing a 14mm series similar to the 12.5mm series? Instead of creating “national” dice, however, we could create dice for specific formations or unit types. Let me explain.
One of our customers asked if we had considered a series of dice featuring the tactical symbols of various divisions. Some divisional symbols lend themselves well to such treatment. Take, for example, the US 37th “Buckeye” Infantry Division, Panzer-Grenadier-Division Großdeutschland, or the British 7th Armoured Division, the famed “Desert Rats.”. The symbols of these formations are basic enough to work. But not every divisional symbol lends itself well to such treatment. 
The foregoing customer was particularly interested in a line of the better known Waffen-SS divisions, specifically the ones that appear most often in ASL scenarios. His request got me thinking that we could create a white or coloured die common to an entire set of dice.5 Apart from the obvious cost savings, a line of such dice would lend itself well to expansion—should demand warrant additional dice. Either the white die or the coloured die can act as the “unifying” die that ties the set together. Moreover, there is nothing to prevent a white die being the common element in one set, and a coloured die being the link in another set. What do you think?
Example of how to build a "paired" set with a common theme
Our 16mm pairs have proven surprisingly popular despite their larger size. The most sought after were the German and Soviet pairs in our ASL Anniversary set (released in 2010). We occasionally get requests for these dice, which sold out several years ago. Next year marks the 30th anniversary of ASL. Should we release a similar set in 2015 for those who missed out the first time around? Or would you rather that we concentrated on other areas? How many would be interested in an ANZAC pair, for instance? Or is there a European state that cries out for a large-scale treatment? 
What about HASL dice? Stalingrad has long been a mainstay of ASL. Charlie Kibler’s Red Barricades is a classic. Tom Morin’s Valor of the Guards expands upon the success of the first historical module. With Red October under development, there are plenty of opportunities for campaign-oriented dice for Stalingrad, and so on.
HASL BattleDice - Stalingrad Series?
Finally, are there any specialty dice that would improve your gaming experience? We have had requests for a larger sniper-effects die, as well as a wound-check die. We have done some work on a starshell die too. The latter project was put on hold due to technical difficulties with the coloured pips used in the design. And some work has been done on a new design for a 16mm sniper-effects die. The Đust Đevils that we released last year are arguably our most innovative designs to date. But they need not be the last. Can you come up with an easy-to-use set of random-selection dice?
14mm Dust Devils do some of the math for you 
There is no shortage of ideas for future designs. There is, however, a shortage of time to devote to such projects. Some designs come together quite quickly. Others are fiddly. In the interest of keeping things as manageable as possible, I wanted to solicit your opinions.
Tell us what you think, even if to say: “enough already!”
How to enter
Our raffle is open to all Squad Leaders. To qualify you must:
1. follow Sitrep (i.e. be a “Squad Leader”) effective 31 July 2014
2. follow under your first and/or last name
3. use a current picture or caricature of yourself as an avatar, especially if you are following under only one name
4. leave a comment at the end of this post containing the following information:
 a) suggestion(s)/comment(s) re new BattleDice
 b) your first and last name
 c) the country where you currently reside
In addition, the winner will be required to accept the prize by leaving a comment at the end of the post in which we announce the results of the contest. We also ask that the winner contact us by email. We may publish a short ASL biography and photograph of the winner. If you are uncomfortable with this, please say so in your comments following your post. 
Over 275 Squad Leaders are following Sitrep as I write. Do not delay. Join Sitrep today!
Let’s hear what you have to say!
1. Crossing the Moro is a mini campaign game that allows players to relive the German counterattack at Villa Rogatti, Italy in December 1943. This newest offering from Lone Canuck Publishing also contains four scenarios, two of which deal with the Canadian night attack that pried the town from enemy hands. Securing a bridgehead over the Moro was only the first step in a month-long battle that would culminate in the Battle of Ortona. 
2. We are holding our “Canada Day” draw on 1 August because our new 16mm BattleDice are not due to arrive until the end of July.
3. The contribution of Indian soldiers to the Allied war effort was extraordinary. A BBC film produced in 1999 demonstrated how overlooked this contribution remained half a century later. 
4. At present, a good deal of ASL scenarios involve the International Brigades (IB). Admittedly, only two “official” ASL scenarios take place in Spain. One is an all-Italian affair. The other (AP54 “Far from Home”) pits German communists of the International Brigades against Moroccan Tabors and the Spanish Foreign Legion.
16mm BudaPack BattleDice
5. Our BudaPack, a set of dice designed to complement the historical module Festung Budapest, experimented with this concept. A single white German die is paired with one of three coloured dice. Each matching, coloured die represents a major German formation that participated in the siege. 

Available separately as pairs

13. Panzer-Division


Unknown said...

Ok, I'll play. As I like to use the larger 16mm dice, a ROF die and a sniper effect die in that size would be something I would order. Ideally the ROF would be red rather than black, and the sniper effect die any color other than white or red just so it's easy to distinguish from the others.

Dave Marteinson, Toronto

Unknown said...

I'm in for this one... because you are going to do the Spanish Civil War dice for sure!!! (well maybe in the near future, but you know)

And if you want some help with the sides or factions symbols just ask :P

Pedro-Juan Ferrer, Valencia, Spain

GrumbleJones said...

I like them all, but would particularly enjoy the Ox and Bucks die. Good stuff!

Jackson Kwan said...

Hello there Helen & Chris ..

I have 2 dice ideas for you ...

1. Straying Dice

Color Dice with a "straying" figure on 6
White Dice with 1,2 using black pips
3,4 using silver pips (normal)
5,6 using gold pips (stealthy)

2. Star Shell Dice

Color Dice (black) with a star burst for pips
1,2 using silver pips (MMC)
3,4 using gold pips (Ldr)
5,6 using black
Other Dice with a normal set of 1 to 6 pips
but with also ..
the number "1" on sides w/ 1, 2 pips
"2" on sides w/ 2, 3 pips
"3" on sides w/ 5, 6 pips
(this will be the Error die for method 1,2,3)

May be more later ..

Warm regards,
Jackson Kwan
Hong Kong

Chris Doary said...

Thanks for the feedback guys.

@ Dave,

So a 16mm version of the 12.5mm ROF die, but not in black (preferably red), with pips on all faces. Plus a 16mm Sniper Effects die in 16mm (rather than 14mm), but not a white or red die.

How about white dice with a combination of coloured foils and coloured pips?

Or what about a combo Sniper and Wound-Check die in 16mm?

@ PJ,

What size of Spanish Civil War dice are you thinking about?

@ Grumble (Scott),

Sorry, unless we receive a deluge of emails requesting an Oxs and Bucks die, we don't see it happening. But a Pegasus might be worth looking at.

Be sure to enter the contest!

@ Jack,

We have done some preliminary work on a Starshell die, black, as you suggest. We were holding off in the hope that we could make it a 19mm die, possibly with colour pips.

Straying dice are an original idea. Hadn't thought of them. Definitely something to look into.

Thanks heaps.

Good luck in the draw guys!

Andy Beaton said...

How about an Official Sitrep iPhone app with certified quality random dice?

Jackson Kwan said...

Went to the gym again - another idea ..


1 die for Squad ("Squad Die")
1 die for Half Squad ("HS Die")

"Squad Die"
Squads conceal on 1,2 Stealthy 3
IJA squads conceal on 1,2,3,4 Stealthy 5

1 : 1 white pip
2 : 2 white pip
3 : 2 white pip 1 color pip (Stealthy .. "still a 2")
4 : 4 red pip (IJA)
5 : 4 red pip 1 color pip (Stealthy IJA .."still a 4")
6 : All color pip

"HS Die"
HS conceal : 1, 2, 3 Stealthy 4
IJA HS conceal : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Stealthy 6

1 : 1 white pip
2 : 2 white pip
3 : 3 white pip
4 : 3 white pip 1 color pip (Stealthy "still a 3")
5 : 5 red pip (IJA)
6 : 5 red pip 1 color pip (IJA Stealthy "still a 5")

Note : "color pip" means any color that's not red nor white.

Rgds Jack

Chris Doary said...

@ Andy,

An iPhone dice app would be very cool. Helen loves her iPhone--never leaves home without it. :)

We have had a suggestion that we look at using some of our designs for the VASL Chatterplus random.org dice interface. Not sure how many people would use the extension. It would allow players to toggle on and off an image on the ace of the die. Imagine a Knight's Cross on the colored die when you are playing the Germans, or a Russian officer on the white die when you have the Soviets.

Of more interest might be a VASL extension that worked a bit like our 14mm Dust Devils. The VASL Dust die would divide the result and round up or down automatically so that only the final result is displayed (together with the result of the pair of dice rolled for the TH, IFT or Interdiction NMC).

@ Jack,

You are just fill of ideas. Keep them coming!

Concealment dice normally woudn't be that interesting. But the unique drm applicable to the Japanese makes this idea intriguing. There are a lot of variables in the A12.122 Concealment drm Table. It might be worth a look. Thanks for the input!

Unknown said...

Chris & Helen

The first idea that popped into my head was Personalized Dice. These would be great for gifts, prizes and those among us who "think the song is about us".
Knowing zero about dice technology, l'm thinking something like mail merge where you provide the manufacturer with a template and list of names. My left brain is not operating today so that's about all I can come up with.

Johnl, Tustin, CA USA

Chris Doary said...

HI John,

Thanks for the feedback.

Unfortunately, each design (name or initial) has a steep, set-up fee. We need to manufacture more than 100 dice with a single design before the price becomes even remotely affordable.

peacmyer said...

Hello Chris,

How about a Blue Division die? As you know, both CH and LFT have packs relating to them....

Cheers, Jeffrey D. Myers

Chris Doary said...

Now there's a thought. Thanks Jeff.

GrumbleJones said...

I would love to see a die for the 25th Panzergrenadier Division. Something for the Swabians!

Scott Mullins

Anonymous said...

As far as the rule based dice go, I could really use a WC based one. Every time I actually roll a 2 on a WCDR I have to reach for the rulebook to figure out if the wind changes direction or does anything all. It'd be nice if the dice also reminded me to make it start raining when it was overcast...

Mark Watson

Mark Watson said...

Whoops, I used the wrong account - That was from me (with avatar).

Chris Doary said...

@ Scott,

I like it. Whether it is used for 25. PzGr Div, or just 107 Pz Brigade, I think the "Swabian" symbol is interesting in its own right. FWIW, this symbol also appears in the logo of Porsche. :)

@ Mark,

I had a look at WC dice some time ago. The increase/decrease wind is the easy part. But it is more of a challenge to incorporate rain and snow, not to mention Interrogation. Certainly a lot more potential in these seemingly innocuous dice than at first blush.

Chris D. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chris D. said...

Forgot my name and country first time round.

I'd like to see the Korean War dice mentioned with a die for each major nationality plus the UN.

Also how 'bout a MF die? Say a oversized 30 sider, to help keep track of movement factors as we move our vehicles and get interupted by Def Fire? Maybe with small pics of tanks covering it?

Christopher Dawson
Maine, USA

Chris Doary said...

Thanks for entering the contest Chris.

What would you consider a major nationality for the Korean War? Would the Filipinos or Turks qualify? Or are we talking just the NKPA, South Koreans, Americans, and a generic "UN" die to represent the rest?

Funny you should ask about the MF-die. I checked with a supplier last week about the big (55mm) sequential, 20-sided die that we used to carry. None available. Apparently the minimum order for a similar die, but with 30 faces, would be 1000 units. Until we can get the min. down to 100 units, it probably won't fly. The smaller D30 available at most game shops works, but it is not sequential.

Big Kansas said...

Chris, Just a comment/question regarding the Crossing The Moro TM. I own everything LC has released and don't recall any Night scenarios from the dozens and dozens I've played, although I may well be mistaken. Are you saying two of the separate scenarios will be Night? (It would be super-cool!)

Big Kansas said...

PS: I really liked the idea from Jeffrey Meyers for an 'Azul' die :).

Chris Doary said...

@ Big Kansas,

Correct, two of the standalone scenarios in Crossing the Moro take place at night, with full night rules (i.e. not a pseudo night scenario with a LV for dusk, etc.) Both are infantry-only, with a smattering of SW and fortifications. One scenario takes place in the town, the other on the hillside. Both represent night assaults mounted by different rifle companies of the PPCLI.

Brian W said...


Brian Ward here in ABQ, NM. I am liking the idea about division insignias. Here are a few more ideas:

5th SS Wiking (German)
1st Paratroop Panzer Hermann Goring(German)
Any of the Afrika Korps Insignias
1st Infantry Division (US)
4th Infantry Division (US)
29th Infantry Division (US)
82nd Airborne Division (US)
101st Airborne Division (US)
1st SSF (US and Canada)

So many good and simple division insignias. They would go real nicely with any themed or historical scenario pack associated with participating units. The already conceived 6th Airborne would be awesome with Pegasus Bridge and ABtF.

A themed dice pack for D-Day could be endless with ideas. Coalition forces as well as Axis OOBs. Keep up the great work Chris.

Brian Ward

Brian W said...

Ooops left this one off, but could be a good one with new Finnish module.

6th SS Mountain Division (NORD)

Of course no Finnish or Russian unit ideas come to mind.

Now as far as some other game ideas, what about a set or the old card games NAVAL WAR and ENEMY IN SIGHT. Or another idea would be any of the AMERICA CIVIL WAR games, there could be some cool ideas there too, Johnny Reb and Billy Yank....hmm

Brian Ward

Chris Doary said...

Thanks for the wealth of ideas Brian.

A bunch of those are already on our list of possibles. The divisional dice would work well with a common die. This would reduce costs and allow more divisions to be done.

We have thought some about the ACW. Lots of potential, but even two pairs representing the Union and the Confederacy could be used with many different games, although the question becomes whether to put the designs on the one- or the six-spots.

Good luck in the contest!

Unknown said...

Hi Chris,

I’ve been rereading the emails we exchanged in 2012 about SCW dice. I reaffirm my conclusion that the National (IMHO 'National' is better than 'Nationalist' if you refer to the Franquist side) die was perfect, because it included all factions:

- San Andres Cross, representing the National Army.

- Yoke & Arrows, Falange Espanola’s symbol.

- Cross of Burgundy, representing Requete/Carlist units.

- Fasces, representing Italian CTV.

- German Cross of Iron, representing the Kondor Legion.

The Republican die was ok, but I thought (and think) that it should be a better idea to include the following symbols:

- Five Pointed Red Star, representing the Republican Popular Army.

- Hammer & Sickle, representing Communists and Socialists parties and trade unions.

- The Circle-A, for the Anarchists.

- Three pointed star, representing International Brigades.

- Lauburu or Basque cross, representing Basque Nationalists.

Just my two cents (of Euro).


Chris Doary said...

Hey Fernando Javier,

I agree, nacionales is best. :)

Thanks for the tip re the Lauburu. That is a very interesting cross. If we made only 12.5mm dice for the SCW, we could make one just for the Basques. I think it is very difficult to put more than one design on any die.

Most scenarios published to date seem to feature the International Brigades. What would you think if we started with a 12.5mm die with the San Andreas Cross, and another die with the Popular Front's three-pointed star for the International Brigades?

Unknown said...

This is ALan Hume in Edinburgh, Scotland

I would like to see some Post 1943
RSI (AXIS) Italian dice please, especially if you can do them in 16mm the RSI flag with the eagle on it looks great and could well be used I think

Chris Doary said...

Thanks for the feedback Alan,

A 12.5mm die is more likely (with the modified fasces symbol) at the moment. But will keep your suggestion in mind.

Good luck in the draw!

Unknown said...

Hi Chris and Helen

Steve Slunt from Canada Here (again)

How about a squad's smoke exponent dice

Chris Doary said...

Hey Steve,

I will give you an "A" for originality. :)

Good luck in the draw!

dude163 said...

I like the ideas of the weird and wonderful factions

Like the spanish civil war etc or the scenario pack ones ( NKVD leibstandarte ....)

best of luck and happy anniversary

Unknown said...

Hi Chris,

A 12.5 SCW dice series should be great. IMHO better than only two dice with all their respective design on them :-)

And the two dice you propose for starting the series are ok with me :-)

Fernando G. Maniega


Unknown said...

Hi Chris,

As you know I like all your dice :) The 12.5 are my preference at the moment, simply because I can fit more of them in my travelling kit!

As for new products - I like the idea of unit/divisional dice, so for instance, with the release of Crossing the Moro, a Canadian one with the PPCLI insignia and appropriate German one.

Keep up the good work!

Gordon Jupp

Chris Doary said...

@ the down-east dude :)

Thanks for the well wishes. You are the first to express interest in the evil NKVD and LSSAH. The symbol for the later in a piece of cake. The NKVD requires more work, but is also a more interesting design. The Spanish Civil War has a lot of scope. We just need more scenarios that include different factions, not unlike the multitude of players in the Russian Civil War.

@ FJ

Based on the feedback so far, two 12.5mm SCW dice are coming to a game room near you. :)

@ Gordon,

Okay, more 12.5mm dice just for you. We wouldn't want larger dice to prevent you from attending ASLOk again. :D

Thanks for the kind words. You hit the nail on the head with your comment about Crossing the Moro. I have an idea for some dice that will complement a future Tactical Mission from Lone Canuck. I am certain that the dice will find favour, even among the 12.5mm crowd.

Good luck in the draw gents!

John H said...

Maybe an airforce series on based flags/symbols by country.

Many of the symbols could be suitable for dice.

What do you think?

You could extend it to army or navy if it was popular.

John Humphreys

Chris Doary said...

Thanks for the suggestion John.

Was size of die are you looking at? Are you suggesting we use post-1945 airforce symbols such as the 'roo, kiwi, springbok, etc. roundels?

John H said...

Chris, yes I guess so. I think it would give more possibilities. Personally I prefer the larger dice so 16mm size. John HUMPHREYS.

Chris Doary said...

Thanks John. As I write, the demand for 14mm and 16mm dice with divisional symbols is neck and neck. Airforce roundels are pretty basic. But to get the best detail on a red kangaroo inside a blue ring, for example, we would need to use the largest die possible.

We are working on a 16mm HASL pair for October. The white die will feature the same, albeit larger, roundel found on the 12.5mm British die. If players are happy with it, we can look at doing a similar die for Australia (although we were considering using some sort of "digger" image for the white die). An Aussie pair with a post-war roundel would also work for any future Korean War scenarios starring the men from down under. :) But our main concern is to show enough detail to make the design worthwhile.

As for the 14mm vs 16mm divide, we really more votes in order to assess where demand truly lies. Should the 14mm crowd win out, we will still continue to produce 16mm national pairs and HASL dice. However, formation (brigade/division/corps/army) symbols would be largely reserved for 14mm (HASL dice excepted).

Javaslinger said...

I think I'm too late, but I'll try anyway... I really don't care one way or the other for the 14 vs 16mm dice. Once concern I've hear raised it that the dice are not balance correctly because the on the one side skews the rolls to favor that (meaning more 1's). I would imagine this was accounted for considering these are 'precision dice' am I right? In any case, they all look amazing.

Also, all my images are getting rejected for my 'avatar'? Is there some trick to this?

Ken Knott

Chris Doary said...

Good day Ken,

Thanks for the feedback. It is not too late to enter the contest. It closes on 31 July. Not sure why you are having trouble with your avatar. I see that you have joined Sitrep as a Squad Leader. Perhaps someone can chime in re the avatar hiccup.

Regarding the balance of our custom dice, each face is equalled weighted before any foil is applied. The absence of a pip on one or more faces has no bearing on the weight of a particular face. This is because the epoxy used for the pips is the same weight/density as the cellulose acetate of the die. The foil weighs almost nothing in comparison, certainly nothing that would effect a typical die roll. The foil is ultra thin and has no measurable impact on balance. I can say this with some assurance because many custom craps dice also feature foil monograms. Casinos are extremely demanding when it comes to the balance of a die. (I believe that each die is usually tested for balance before release on the game floor.)

There is, however, a psychological factor, especially in ASL, in seeing the monogram on the ace. One tends to recall the monogram more than a one-pip. This creates a feeling among some that our dice produce more low results than one might expect in a normal distribution. One of our customers tested about 30-40 of our dice. Interestingly, the ones that "failed" the most were precision backgammon dice without any foil monograms. In fact, only one in 30 or so of the monogrammed dice rolled outside the norm. That said, he recommended that players test all of their dice, precision or otherwise.

Mark Pitcavage conducted a similar test and posted his results on his Desperation Morale blog.


At bottom, ASL is a game. We play for fun. I played ASL (and SL before that) for decades using the dice that came in the box. I don't think that I have had a whole lot more fun because I switched to precision dice. Still, I would like to think that custom precision dice add some entertainment value, and some added peace of mind to my game these days. Nevertheless, I don't think that I would quit playing ASL just because precision dice were no longer available. Dice are an accessory, not the game. But I am pleased to hear that you like them.

Good luck with your avatar.

Msoong said...

a) I suggest division die for the US airborne divisions (82, 101). Given the popularity of Band of Brothers and the upcoming Normandie airborne HASL from MMP this sounds like a no brainer.

b) Milton Soong
c) USA

Chris Doary said...

Hey Milton,

Thanks for joining Sitrep. Yes, the 82nd and 101st are no-brainers. No idea when the MMP HASL will be out. But we may have something for the 101st by this time next year.

Good luck in the raffle!

John Carrington said...

Hi Chris,
I'm a big fan of 16mm dice. Maybe it's my age!

I'd love to see some Canadian divisional dice although these markings may be pretty bland. Rather than ANZAC, what about pairing the 2 NZ division with the 6 SA armoured division and doing a set of Australian divisions, Pacific and North Africa? Other possibilities could be the Warsaw Uprising, partisans, Ortona (if the module ever comes out), jungle themes, Indian divisions (both North Africa and Burma) and Battle for Berlin.

Keep up the exciting work!

John Carrington
Thornhill, Canada

Chris Doary said...

Thanks for the suggestions John.

I think that dice designed to be used with HASL modules have the best hance of being produced first. Dice for Stalingrad, for example, are bound to get a lot of use. In the same way, a pair of 16mm dice to represent 1st Canadian Infantry Division would be a good complement to a Ortona HASL. That said, some designs lend themselves better to the tiny canvas of a die, even a 16mm die. I cannot say how popular HOB's forthcoming HASL on Imphal-Kohima will be, but it would certainly provide a good opportunity to look at some designs for the Indian divisions involved.

Unknown said...

Officializing my entry:

1) An electronic dice app for the iPhone
2) Andy Beaton
3) Canada

Unknown said...

My dice suggestion:

a) Dice to commemorate the Unknown Soldier. Many nations recognize the Unknown Soldier in one form or another so I think it is familiar to many people. It also gives us an opportunity to remember that we can enjoy this game only because others before us "played" it for real.

b) Jason Francis

c) Japan

Chris Doary said...

@ Andy,

Cool idea. Will make some enquiries and see what we can come up with.

I would like to see a pair of 3D, precision, ball-cornered white and coloured dice that can be customized according to user preferences. Sound effects to represent dice tumbling in a glass or dice tower could be toggled on or off.

We could start with a free pair with symbols on the aces, as well as ROF symbols on the deuce and trey of the coloured die. Other designs and specialty dice could be added later.

@ Jason,

Incredibly original idea. Will need to give this some thought. Coming up with a design that is recognizable at scale will be tricky. But I think it is worth a try.

Thanks for the suggestions guys, and good luck in the contest!

Tooz said...

We definitely need dice for the US army.
The easiest choice would be for either the 1st US infantry Division with the collar patch of "The Big Red One" logo on the side of the die with one pip. You could do the same for the 1st Armored Division.
Which patches were the coolest--in my opinion--the 2nd US Infantry Division would look sharp.
Airborne units--101st or 82nd would look good as well.