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Unknown said...

What is meant by "Baby dice"?

Chris Doary said...

Thanks for posing the question David.

The term "Baby" when applied to our BattleDice is shorthand for the smallest dice we sell. The Big Baby Sniper die, for example, is 12.5mm (1/2"). We also have a 14mm (9/16") Sniper-Effects die, which includes information regarding the effects of a Sniper attack. The "big daddy" of the Sniper dice is our 16mm (5/8") Wound-Severity and Sniper-Effects die, which is a dual-purpose die.

Essentially, the larger the die, the more room it has for conveying information, especially in the form of play aids.

Bottom line is that "baby" has no bearing on the quality of a die.

Just Max said...

if I buy 6 dice can I order 5 pink and one blue as I play a game that requires 5 of one color and one of another. Do the dice only come in sets of 2 so that I will have to buy 8?

Chris Doary said...

@ Just Max,

Hi and thanks for the question.

There are options to purchase DYO (design-your-own) packs, including six packs, on our Backgammon Dice page (

Alternatively, you may create a custom "Combat Six-Pack." Scroll down toward the bottom of the same page. Select "pink" as your "team colour" and dark-blue (or light-blue) as your sixth die.