04 July 2011

Starter Kit Life Support

Starter Kit Life Support
You’ve taken the plunge and bought into the ASL mystique. But after coming up for air, it’s occurred to you that there’s more to the beast than your friends have let on. 
No problem. I can help. I'm not an expert. Who is? However, I will do my best to provide you with some guidance.
I've been playing ASL for some time. More importantly, I am familiar with the ASL Starter Kit (ASLSK) rule booklets, having consulted them repeatedly in the course of writing my ASLSK articles. I also have the latest and most up-to-date of these booklets, which can be found in the ASLSK Expansion Pack. 
My answers should not be taken as gospel. That said, I will do my utmost to direct you to the appropriate rule references. If you stump me, I will refer you to others with more expertise. For the most part, however, I suspect that you will find your answer here, or on one of the ASL forums such as GameSquad, BoardGameGeek, and Consimworld. In the unlikely event that I don't answer your question within 24 hours, I'm almost certain that a Squad Leader (i.e. Follower) on this blog will chime in.

Starter Kit Hotline 
Need an answer to a rule question?
Start by looking under the most relevant section heading. (I will add headings as answers are posted.)
I want to know if I can use my flamethrower (FT) in Close Combat (CC). So I check Section 3.8 Close Combat Phase. If I do not find my answer there, I would try Section 4.0 Weapons and Support Weapons (SW), or Sub-section 4.2 Flamethrowers. I find the following Q&A:
Section 3.8 Close Combat Phase
Q. Can I use my light machine gun (LMG) in Close Combat (CC)?
A. No. You cannot use any SW in CC.
Because a FT is a SW, the answer to my question is no. 

Cannot find an answer to your question?
Post it as a “comment” below.


Laurent Tinture said...

Sure Squad Leaders will help you Chris !
This blog is a plus for every starter ;-)


Keith said...

It is truly the Lords work you are doing here Chris, for there is no higher Calling than helping bring new folks into the Fold. But then again I'm an AAR Hound so I can't wait for more of those :)

Unknown said...

I've played ASLSK against a friend a few times in the last six months, and I mentioned this blog to him. I think it will help him a lot...

nouge said...

Here's a question – in ASLSK, if a AFV is intending to Bounding First Fire in its during its movement, and an enemy unit wants to Defensive First Fire on it at the same time, who fires first? I know full ASL has Gun Duels to solve this timing issue, but I can't quite tell what happens in ASLSK.

Excellent site, by the way – I'm thoroughly enjoying your ASL analysis.

Chris Doary said...

@ nouge,

Thanks for the question, and the compliment.

Good question. As you noted, there is no provision for Gun Duel in Starter Kit.

What this effectively boils down to is that a DEFENDER may fire on any MP expenditure (including VCA change, start or stop MP, sD use, etc.) before the ATTACKER (the moving AFV) can employ BFF (Section

However, each DEFENDING unit only gets one shot per MP spent (Section 3.3.3). Therefore, before the AFV expends another MP, it may Bounding First Fire (once). If the AFV maintains ROF, it must expend another MP (usually in delay) in order to fire again during the MPh, at which point the DEFENDER would have another opportunity to fire at the AFV before it makes its second BFF shot.

Note the restrictions in on firing other Weapons (e.g. MG) when using BFF.

EX: AFV enters new hex, expending 1 MP in the process. The DEFENDER (an AT Gun) fires on this MP expenditure, has no effect, but maintains ROF. The AFV expends a MP to stop. The same DEFENDER fires again, misses, and loses ROF. The AFV now declares BFF, with no effect, but maintains ROF. The DEFENDER Intensive Fires, but misses. At this point the AFV must spend a MP in delay should it wish to make another BFF attack. If the AFV has no MP remaining, it must wait until the AFPh where it will be entitled to one (and only one) additional (Bounding Fire) shot because it had not exhausted its ROF during its MPh.

nouge said...

Makes sense – thanks for taking the time, Chris!