Here you will find links to contests such as our raffles and special giveaways.

How to claim a prize 
To claim a prize, add a comment at the bottom of the appropriate post and email your contact details to us at: battleschool @ rogers dot com

Free Stuff for Squad Leaders (followship awards)

Lucky 7 (Jul 2011 Raffle)

Double Six (Aug 2011 Raffle)

Cadeaux pour Cadieux (Sep 2011 raffle)

Oktoberpast (Oct 2011 raffle)

Fourtune Favours the Brave (Nov 2011 raffle)

Naughty or Nice (year-end raffle announcement)

Happy Happenstance (Dec 2011 raffle)

Buddy Love (Jan 2012 raffle)

Commissar whole-lot-of Love (14 Feb 2012 contest)

Shortchanged? (Feb 2012 raffle)

Nordic Hour (Mar 2012 raffle)

Somebody Up There Likes You (Apr 2012 raffle)

Gone Fishin' (May 2012 raffle)

Budafest (June 2012 raffle)

A New Spinn on ASL? (July 2012 raffle)

La vérité sur les franc-tireurs (Aug/Oct/Nov 2012)

A Wealth of ASL in Common (Dec 2012)

Forging Friendships (Jan 2013)

No Laughing Matter (Feb 2013)

Got an Axe to Grind? (raffle announcement)

Sitrep Turns Two! (July 2013)

Game for a dicey proposition? (raffle announcement)

Lucky Dragon's Breath (Dec 2013)

Take the BattleDice Challenge (contest announcement)

Our Man in Hong Kong (July 2014)

Four of a Kind (Jan 2015)

Of Apples and Oranges (July 2015)

Daft Ducks and Salted Licorice (March 2016)